3 Easy Hair Hacks for Curling your Hair

3 Easy Hair Hacks for Curling your Hair

Hair Romance - 3 simple hacks for curling your hair

I love a hairstyling hack and these three simple tips will show you how to get a range of styles from one curling wand plus get curls that really last.

Now, the range of hair curlers on the market is enormous. Even I’m confused with the choices on offer. However, you don’t need to buy 10 curling irons to get different curl results in your hair. You can create different looks with the one wand with these simple tips.

If you have naturally curly hair, you should check out my hack for restyling second-day hair with a curling wand. It’s a super easy cheat that gives you more defined curls in a hurry.

Use these little hacks to change out the way you curl your hair so you’ll have different curls to wear every day of the week.

3 Easy Hair Hacks for Curling your Hair – Video

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Thanks to my husband Jim for editing the video. He added in his favourite bloopers at the end too…!

Hack 1

Vary your sections

By changing the sections you pick up around your hair as you curl, you can create a completely different result at the end. This saves you having to buy 18 different curling wands to get the result you want.

If you’ve got just one small curling wand and you want to create big waves, you can do this by switching up the sections of hair you curl. Instead of taking small sections, take large sections and wrap them around the barrel.

This works the same if you have a large curling wand and you want smaller curls. The smaller the section the smaller the curl, and the larger the section the larger the curl.

Hack 2

Change your angle

In the same way that changing the amount of hair you curl will change the size of the curl, changing the angle of your curling wand gives you a completely different result as well.

Holding your curling wand vertically will give you more of a soft, loose beach wave.

Holding the curling wand horizontally against your head while you’re curling will give you more of a classic wave. If you want to get that beautiful Hollywood vintage wave, hold the curling wand horizontally against your head and then brush the curls out into that fabulous flat wave.

One thing to note, curling your hair horizontally will make your hair look a bit shorter because the curls are tighter than if you’re curling them vertically.

Hack 3

Use clips to make your curls last

One of the questions I’m always asked is how to stop your curls from dropping out. If you have very straight hair or heavy hair, it can be difficult to maintain a curl.

I have a new mantra for you:

It’s not how you curl your hair but how you cool your hair that matters.

So what you need to do is get some flat pin curl clips.

After curling each section, wrap it around your finger and clip it up against your head. You see, it’s not just how you curl your hair that matters, but also how you let it cool.

While your hair is hot, it’s likely to change and the curl will immediately start to drop. If you take that hot curl and roll it up then let it cool in a tightly wound curl, you’ll have so much more longevity in the finished style.

Bonus tip to make your curls last:

Spray your hair first with a flexible hold hair spray before curling each section to add a little bit of hold. In fine hair, make it a very light spray. You don’t want to weigh your hair down with product as well. My suggestions are this one (it’s a bargain!) and this one is awesome.

Hair Romance - 3 simple hacks for curling your hair

You don’t need an arsenal of curling wands to create a range of different looks in your hair.

Give these tips a try and let me know your favourite way to curl your hair. And let me know if you think Jim should keep editing my videos!

PS. If you looking for more hair tips, check out these curling mistakes and how to fix them.

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