3 easy everyday hairstyles you can do in under 3 minutes

3 easy everyday hairstyles you can do in under 3 minutes

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If you’re not confident at styling your own hair, then you’ll love these three simple everyday hairstyles you can do in under three minutes.

One of the things I’m not very confident at is making videos. I’ve tried several times to post more YouTube videos and every time my nerves get the better of me. I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve shot and tried to edit before filing them away in the ‘never be to seen’ folder.

I’m setting myself a goal to restart my YouTube channel and I’m telling you now so you can keep me accountable.

I hate to let you down so this is my public promise that I will start making more videos and share them with you too. I can’t promise they’ll be great, but you have to start somewhere, right?

As a push to get me started, I’ve collaborated with one of my fave YouTubers, the lovely Karima McKimmie of Shameless Fripperies. Karima has the coolest set up and in one afternoon shooting with her, I learnt so much. I felt it was only right to teach her some hair tricks in return.

Karima is an absolute genius with makeup, but she thinks she’s not so good with hair. She has a series on her channel she calls, “Karima can’t do hair, but tries very hard” which is actually great if you’re not very confident with hair.

I shared 3 really quick and easy styles that you can master in under three minutes. Check them out in the video below.

3 easy everyday hairstyles you can do in under 3 minutes

Click here to watch the video on YouTube if you can’t see it above.

I hope you liked this video and I hope you subscribed to Karima’s channel. You can subscribe to my channel here too.

Now I’d love to know what videos you think I should make. Please leave me a comment below telling me what sort of videos you’d like to see, or who I should collaborate with next!

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