2 min easy hairstyle tutorial for wet hair

2 min easy hairstyle tutorial for wet hair

When time is flying by and you don’t even have time to dry your hair, try this super easy hairstyle tutorial for wet hair. You can do it in under two minutes!

Hair Romance - 2 min Summer hair tutorial for wet hair

Continuing on my summer hair series, this is one of my fave styles for wet hair. I’ve been wearing variations of this updo for years and now I’ve finally shot a video to show you exactly how I do it.

For the extra challenge, I shot this video while I was in the pool on holidays in Thailand. We stayed at the amazing Aleenta Resort in Phuket and this was our private pool. It was ridiculously beautiful. You can read more about my travels over on Mr & Mrs Romance travel blog.

But back to the hair! So for this style, all you’ll need are bobby pins.

2 min easy hairstyle tutorial for wet hair – video tutorial

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Hairstyle variations

Hair Romance - 2 min Summer hair tutorial for wet hair

How many buns?

Switch up the number of buns to suit your hair. I’ve created 4 but sometimes I do 3 or 5. See what works best in your hair.

For hair that’s really long or thick

Add in extra support to this style if you have long or thick hair. Create a series of ponytails down the back of your head first and then create the buns. This way your hair elastics will hold some of the weight of your hair.

You might just find this style is more comfortable than a regular bun as the weight of your hair is more evenly distributed on your head.

Fine hair

For some weird reason, this style works just as well in fine hair as it does in thick hair. Instead of twisting your hair into tight buns, create looser twists. This will make your hair look thicker.

Damaged hair

Wet hair styles are great for dry or damaged hair. You should try and avoid heat styling as much as you can. Styles like this will leave you with gorgeous waves at the ends of your hair when it dries. Just be gentle and don’t pull your hair when it’s wet as that’s when you can do more damage to your hair.

Hair Romance - 2 min Summer hair tutorial for wet hair

Hope you’re enjoying this summer hair series! I’m planning my winter escape right now. Let me know what tutorials you’d like to see next!

PS. You might also like my post on how to protect your hair in the pool and how to avoid hat hair and my summer hair warning.

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