13 other uses for shampoo

13 other uses for shampoo

Wondering what other uses for shampoo there are? Here’s a handy tried-and-tested list. Some of them may surprise you.

Leftover beauty products? Here''s 13 other uses for shampoo

Or maybe you’re wondering why someone would have shampoo laying around the house? If you’re like me, you’ve tried lots of brands to find what works for you. Or maybe you’re embracing your curls and switching to sulfate-free shampoo or you’ve stopped using shampoo completely.

I dislike wasting products so below are some other uses for shampoo so you can put it to good use.

As a side note, if it’s an unopened product, I like to donate it to a women’s shelter in my area. There are lots of organisations that help the homeless that would love to receive your unwanted beauty products. Remember the products must be unopened for health reasons for you to donate them.

If you’ve tried it once and it didn’t work for you, you could share and swap products with your girlfriends and family. You may help them discover their new fave product. Just because you didn’t like it, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else.

So for the remaining shampoo bottles in your bathroom, here’s a list of other uses for shampoo.

13 other uses for shampoo

1. Bubble bath

Shampoo foams up really well and makes for a fun bubble bath.

2. Body wash

Use shampoo in place of body wash in the shower.

3. DIY body scrub

You can make a simple DIY body scrub using shampoo as the base. Mix in sugar to your shampoo to create an exfoliating body scrub.

4. Cleaning your nails

Instead of pushing the dirt around under your nails, use shampoo to lift out any dirt from under your nails.

5. Soften your cuticles

Just before cleaning your nails, you can apply some shampoo (or conditioner) to your cuticles. Just as shampoo and conditioner soften your hair, they’ll also soften your cuticles making them easier to push back or remove. You can also mix shampoo in water to soak your hands before a manicure.

6. Shampoo as shaving cream

Recycle your old shampoo and conditioner as shaving cream. It lathers up well and won’t irritate your skin.

7. Fix your zipper

If you have a zip that keeps getting stuck, apply a little shampoo or conditioner with a Q-tip to either side of the zipper teeth. It will glide through like new.

8. Removes laundry stains

If you’ve got dirty marks around your collar, use shampoo on the stains as a pre-treatment before washing your shirt. The oil marks are from your skin and scalp so shampoo is perfectly designed to remove these marks from your clothes.

9. Remove bandaids easily

If your bandaid or bandage is sticking to your skin, soak through the adhesive with some shampoo and it will lift off easily.

10. Clean your hairbrush

Freshen up your hairbrushes and combs by cleaning them with shampoo. Remove any hair from the brush first, then wash it with shampoo and water. Rinse well and let them dry before using them. Be careful not to soak bristle brushes in water but you can soak plastic brushes to remove any hair product build-up.

11. Clean your makeup brushes

A task I never do as often as I should! You can clean your makeup brushes with a little shampoo in the palm of your hand.

12. General household cleaning

The ingredients in shampoo are not that dissimilar to detergent so you can use shampoo as a general cleaner around the house. It’s great for cleaning tubs and toilets and even a dirty oven grill!

13. Wash your car

In a bucket of water, mix in a ¼ cup of shampoo and use a sponge to wash your car.


I have read that you can use shampoo as a makeup remover but I wasn’t willing to test this out so I’m not going to recommend it to you. I’m careful with the products I use on my face since experiencing some skin issues lately. I can’t see how shampoo on your face is a good idea so don’t try this at home.

Have you got any other uses from shampoo? What do you do with the leftover or unwanted beauty products at your place?

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