10 hacks for hair happiness

10 hacks for hair happiness

Banish dry, frizzy hair for good with these 10 easy hacks for hair happiness.

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Hair Romance - 10 Hacks for Hair Happiness

In my quest for #hairgoals, that is shiny and soft hair, I’ve had my battles. Frizz is always getting in the way of a good style and dry hair can dull my day.

But luckily I have the tricks to turn those bad hair days around and I’m going to share them with you.

Head massages

Head massages are my favourite part of the salon experience, and they are an effective hair treatment too. Your head is one of the easiest parts of your body to massage, and doing so stimulates the blood flow to your hair follicles. This can help your hair to grow faster and look healthier. It also distributes the oil from your scalp and feels amazing. Do it tonight while you’re watching TV.

Weekly treatments

My hair is so happy when I do a treatment. My naturally curly hair can be so dry and it drinks up moisture masks. I love the Extra Care Ultimate Repair Mask as a quick weekly treatment. If you have fine hair, switch your conditioner for a treatment to help hydrate your hair and control your frizz.

Hair Romance - 10 Hacks for Hair Happiness

The extra conditioning step

Frizz happens to good hair that’s feeling a bit dry. Keep up your hair’s hydration so frizz can’t take hold. Leave in-conditioners are my secret weapon to keeping my hair from looking dry and frizzy. Try the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Leave in Conditioner for soft, shiny hair.

Lock in hydration

Control frizz before it forms by applying products to wet hair. I lock in the moisture to my hair with a water-based cream like the Schwarzkopf BB cream. Then once my hair is dry I use a serum to add shine.

Save time with a cocktail

I mix my own hair care cocktail to get the perfect blend of product treatment for my hair. At the moment I’m loving 2 pumps of Extra Care Curl Flex Shine Cream with a dash of Extra Care BB cream and a drop of 6 Miracles Oil Treatment. Mixing your own products saves application time, which means I can get ready faster too.

Hair Romance - 10 Hacks for Hair Happiness

Turn down the heat

Your hairdryer can do too good of a job on your hair and dry it out more than you want. Drop the heat for a gentler experience and skip it where possible so you can let your hair air dry.

Style when wet

So if you can’t dry your hair, what are you supposed to do? Style it wet of course! There’s an added bonus of styling wet hair: heatless curls! Braids in wet hair leave gorgeous waves behind once your hair dries. Even a simple top knot can create loose waves as it dries.

My Mason Pearson brush

A splurge, but one that’s totally worth it. A pure bristle brush like the Mason Pearson brush is an investment in shiny hair. If you have curly hair, this isn’t necessary for you, but if you have straight or wavy hair, then you can instantly see the difference this brush makes. It distributes the oil from your scalp to the ends of your hair so they’re soft and shiny.

Dry shampoo

I could do a top 10 hair hacks just about dry shampoo! It is one of my fave products and I use it almost daily. It makes clean hair easy to style and refreshes dirty hair too. It adds volume, creates texture and saves you time – dream hair right there!

Invisible hold for flyaways

Now, even if you follow all my hair hacks, you could still have some frizz or flyaways in your hair (I blame the weather). Now it’s time to put those rebel hairs back in their place. Spraying hairspray directly on to your hair can leave a thick layer of product. Instead, spray Extra Care Strong Styling Hairspray on your hands or a blush brush so you can smooth those flyaways down with a fine, invisible layer of product.

Hair Romance - 10 Hacks for Hair Happiness

These easy hair hacks have made a huge difference to my hair. I’m already seeing a difference in my naturally dry hair. It’s feeling softer and I have less frizz and breakage too.

It’s like a hair miracle, and that brings me so much hair happiness.

Get to know your hair and find your hair happiness with the Schwarzkopf Hair Horoscopes. If you haven’t got yours yet, what are you waiting for? This fun guide will give you the clues to understand your hair and guide your hair care routine.

I’m a Smooth Siren, and I’m glad my hair is finally getting the memo and looking sleek.

I’d love to know your Hair Horoscope, so click here to find out, then come back and leave me a comment with your hair sign!

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