10 Beauty Tips Every Redhead Should Know

10 Beauty Tips Every Redhead Should Know
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Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every redhead should know

Here are my top 10 ten beauty tips every redhead should know – whether you’re blessed with this rare, natural hair colour or have coloured your hair over to the fiery side.

This is the third part in my series on the top beauty tips you need to know whether you’re blonde, brunette or redhead, and the things should consider once you change your hair colour.

You can catch my top ten beauty tips for blondes here and my top ten tips for brunettes here. Now redheads, it’s your turn.

Less than 2% of the world’s population have red hair but that doesn’t stop the rest of us from colouring our hair to achieve this beautiful colour as well. I even went red for a while recently and I fell in love with this hue. But after changing my hair from blonde to red, I really struggled with my make-up and wardrobe. The same shades just didn’t suit me.

Beauty for redheads can be confusing. When I searched online I found this article that said redheads should only wear yellow based foundations, only wear neutral eye make-up and never wear a red lipstick. How boring – and I completely disagree.

So below are my top 10 beauty tips every redhead should know based on my experience and my fellow redhead friends.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every redhead should know

Redheads + red lipstick

If you also found that articles that said you can’t wear red lipstick, I’m telling you you can, and you will look amazing. It all depends on your shade of red, but most warm orange reds look great on redheads. If you’re more of a burgundy red, a cooler blue-toned red lipstick will suit you better.

Good foundations

Choose your foundation based on your skin tone not your hair colour. Not all redheads should wear a yellow based foundation and it really depends on matching your personal skin tone. Match your foundation to your chest and neck rather than your hair colour. And if you have freckles, don’t feel like you have to cover them up. Go for a sheer foundation that lets your freckles peek through.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every redhead should know

Play up your eyes

The article also said to only wear neutral eyeshadows and this is fine for day, but redheads shouldn’t be afraid to wear bright shades too. Jewel tones look amazing on redheads, especially emerald green, to really play up their hair colour. Red and green are opposite on the colour wheel spectrum, so this contrast is fantastic for redheads.

Plum love

Another eyeshadow every redhead should have in their collection is a beautiful rich plum. Rather than contrasting, this tonal shade blends well on all redheads.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every redhead should know

All about your brows

For redheads, getting your brows right can be tricky. I found that the best way to match your natural eyebrow colour is to find a matte eye shadow to fill in your brows. For dyed redheads, a blonde eyebrow pencil can be a good match. Remember your brows don’t need to match exactly. Try brows one to two shades darker if you have light red hair, and one to two shades lighter for your brows if you have very dark red hair.

Peachy keen

If there’s a blush that every redhead should own, it’s a warm peachy colour. It’s universally flattering on all redheads and it gives that perfect flush for the everyday.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every redhead should know

Maintaining red hair

Whether your hair is naturally red or dyed, it’s the hardest colour to maintain. Red hair dye is the quickest to fade and even natural redheads need to take extra care of their hair. The first investment you should make for your red hair is a hat to protect yourself when you’re outside. Next, you should do colour treatments to protect your hair while you’re at home. Schwarzkopf’s new Extra Care Colour Protect and Shine treatment is a quick fix you can add to your weekly beauty routine.

Red refresh

Giving your hair a quick colour boost every week at home can be done in under three minutes. The Schwarzkopf Colour Refresh Mousse is an amazing way to just add extra shine to your red hair. It’s so quick and easy to use, and this mousse is now my favourite colour product no matter what, for brunettes, blondes and redheads.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every redhead should know

Switch it up

Play around with your red hair shade with some semi permanent colour. Schwarzkopf Live colours are a great way to add shine and brighten up dull or faded reds. Did you know that redheads don’t go grey? They turn to rose gold then white. These semi permanent colours are an even more fun way to play when your hair colour is changing.

How to find the perfect coral for redheads

Coral is a universally flattering colour for redheads, but you have to know which shade to choose. Not all corals are the same. You don’t want to match your hair, but you do want to contrast with it. So if your red hair is more orange, go for a pinky coral. This shade is great as a bright lip or a way to chose a more neutral shade to wear every day.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every redhead should know

They say blondes have all the fun, but I think redheads might have the upper hand on this. I loved being a redhead and I’m pretty sure I’ll see myself going back to red again in the future.

Wondering if red hair could suit you? I’ve got a tool that could help. Click here to check out the Style Studio Colour Match tool. It’s super quick and easy, and it helps you work out exactly the hair colour that would suit you. It’s a great guide if you are just thinking about changing your hair or want to find the right tone for you.

Click here to find out your colour match now.

Let me know in the comments below if you have red hair and what beauty tips you always follow. And let me know your colour match result – would you suit red hair? If so what shade?

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