10 beauty tips every blonde should know

10 beauty tips every blonde should know

Here are my top 10 beauty tips every blonde should know, whether you’re a natural blonde or have just gone to the lighter side, like me.

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Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every blonde should know

In this new series, I’ll share the top beauty tips you need to know whether you’re a blonde, brunette or redhead, and especially the things to consider once you change your hair colour.

Changing your hair colour affects more than just your hair. To make the most of your new hair colour, you’ll need to update your beauty routine too.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every blonde should know

Here are the top 10 beauty tips every blonde needs to know.

The eyes have it

Whether you’re a platinum blonde, ash or golden blonde, lighter pastel eyeshadows will suit your new hair colour. More specifically, platinum and icy ash blondes will suit cooler tones like green, silver and navy. Golden blondes suit golds, browns and mauves. Caramel beach blondes can match their hair but don’t go as far as terracotta as this will wash you out.

Brighten up

You can’t lighten hair with colour. If you want to brighten up your naturally blonde hair, the Schwarzkopf Nordic blondes range is the number 1 lightening range in Australia. The lightening spray can be used to add highlights and dimension to blonde hair.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every blonde should know

Perfect your skin

Unless you’re blessed with perfect skin, you’ll notice that any redness or blemishes really stand out on blondes. Choose a neutral tone or a slightly yellow base foundation to even out your skin.

Add in contrast

For fair skinned blondes, there’s less contrast between your skin and hair, so you need to add some warmth back with a light contour. Choose a matte bronzer and a pink or peach blush to warm up your skin.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every blonde should know

But not too much contrast

Dark makeup really stands out on blondes and can be harsh. Go for greys instead of blacks when you want to wear a smoky eye for a cooler finish.

Focus on brows

Your brows don’t need to match your hair exactly. It’s more flattering to have your brows 1-2 shades darker than your hair. Natural blondes with fair brows can get them tinted to help define your features.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every blonde should know

Lash it out

Black lashes can be too contrasty on pale blondes. Try a dark brown mascara for day and have fun with coloured mascaras for evening looks. If your lashes are blonde too, I highly recommend tinting your lashes to a darker brown shade. It’s a major beauty time saver.

Pretty in pink

Pinks suit all blondes but it doesn’t have to mean you look girly. There are so many shades from pale pinks to fuchsia that look amazing on blondes and you can find your favourite shade.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every blonde should know

Keep it fresh

Blondes may have more fun but our colour also needs more maintenance. Hard water, chlorine and the sun can change our hair so I recommend the following at-home routine to keep blonde hair looking super fresh. Once a week, use the Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Refresher Mousse to keep the brassiness at bay. Once a month, I like to use the Live Colour Silver Toner to balance my colour and banish any brassy tones.

Beware of going nude

Nude lipsticks will wash out blondes so instead choose a peach or pink base lip colour. Anything as nude as a concealer tone or yellow based will wash out blondes. Bright pink lips can be the perfect pop of colour for blondes.

Hair Romance - 10 beauty tips every blonde should know

Now I don’t believe in “beauty rules” and in fact I love to break the rules. These tips are simply a guide to help you find the tonal shades to suit your new blonde hair. Remember to take into account your skin and eye colour when trying new looks and have fun!

I do believe in taking care of your hair and these hair tips will keep your blonde looking fresh and clean, even between colouring.

Do you have blonde hair? What’s your favourite beauty look and how do you maintain your fair hair?

Wondering which shade of blonde hair will suit you best? You have to check out this easy colour match tool which will find your perfect hair shade. I’m a warm wonder so suit golden blondes best. Click here to get your match then let me know what your result is!

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