What’s The Biggest Surprise You’ve Ever Had At The Salon

What’s The Biggest Surprise You’ve Ever Had At The Salon

What’s The Biggest Surprise You’ve Ever Had At The Salon

It’s no secret I love going to the hair salon but over the years I’ve had a few surprises there.

Personally I like surprises, but if you don’t, going to the salon could be quite an ordeal.

Some of the good surprises I’ve had over the years include:

  • Finding out I have curly hair. I know I should have known but it was a surprise to me!
  • Learning how to style curly hair and this frizz-free curls tutorial really works.
  • Finding out the right way to use hair products and new ways to use your hair products even better.
  • Catching up on news and gossip by reading the magazine in the salon, because I never buy magazine at home.
  • Making new friends. I love hairdressers and I’ve now got some incredible people in my life that I have met through the salon.

On the other hand some of the not-so-good surprises that I’ve had include:

  • Terrible haircuts, and the stress that comes after! In the past I just paid for them and walked without saying a thing.
  • Hair colour that’s not quite what I was expecting. Some of these have been easily fixed but others have required a long process to correct my hair.
  • Longer appointment times than expected. I know my hair takes a really long time to do but sometimes I’ve spent almost a whole day in the hair salon. It would be good to know exactly how long an appointment is going to take.
  • Surprises in the final bill. This probably one of the hardest ones because I don’t like confrontation, but not having the services explained properly and ending up with a much larger expected bill is a surprise I don’t like at the salon.

Now I have a great hairdresser so I don’t worry about surprises and spending all day in the salon is fun!

So tell me, do you like surprises? And what’s the best and worst thing that’s happened to you while being at the salon?

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