What you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser… Q&A video

What you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser… Q&A video

What you're too afraid to ask your hairdresser - Braids with Hair Romance

It’s really hard to ask certain questions when you’re in the chair at the salon, and so I’ve got the answers for you.

Over on Instagram I recently put a callout for questions asking what you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser and I was swamped with responses.

There’s obviously a lot of mystery and confusion around hair and hairdressers, so I called on my friend Grant to help us to understand our hair.

Grant Withnell is the Schwarzkopf National Technical Educator and he is the only person I know who can easily explain how plex technology works {link to previous post} and so I trust him to tell us what’s really going on behind the scenes in the salon.

He’s also an experienced stylist and colourist in so many fields including television, film and theatre. He now focuses on hair education, so he really knows his stuff.

I knew Grant would be able to tell us the truth (without holding back) and he definitely delivered!

He was so great we had to split your questions into two videos. Here’s part 1 of the questions you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser.

What you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser… Q&A video

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In this video, Grant helps us by answering the following questions:

  • “Do you recommend changing products depending on the season, if so, why?” – Lauren
  • “How often should you wash your hair?” – asked everyone!
  • “Should you wash your hair before your appointment?” – asked everyone
  • “Do you hate that my hair is so dirty when I come in?” – Natasha
  • “How much hair is it normal to lose when you wash your hair?” – Elizabeth
  • “When do I need to use hair treatments?” – Rachel
  • “Do you recommend combing curls before washing, or does it cause excess damage?” – Lauren
  • “What are the safest wet hairstyles to prevent damage?” – Lauren

I learnt so much from Grant, and feel so much better about my hair loss every time I wash my hair.

Hope this video was helpful for you too. Which question were you most interested to hear answered?

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