What you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser… Q&A video Part 2

What you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser… Q&A video Part 2

Do you feel nervous when you’re at the hairdresser’s? You’re not alone.

I received so many questions when I asked you what you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser, it was clear there’s a lot so confusion out there.

In fact, I was super excited about finding out the answers to a lot of the questions myself.

There were so many questions that we had to split this into a two part series. Click here to check out Part 1 of Questions you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser. This series has really made me feel better about how much I overthink situations.

Now I’m back for part 2 with the amazing Grant Withnell, Schwarzkopf National Technical Educator.

Grant is a hair genius and in our first Q&A we covered the difference between hair products, when to switch up your routine and how often to wash your hair.

Today, we’re hitting the awkward salon questions about cheating on your stylist and the truths of hair colour. I couldn’t wait to get Grant’s answers to these questions.

What you’re too afraid to ask your hairdresser… Q&A video

Click here if you can’t see the video above

In this video, Grant helps us by answering the following questions:

  • “Can my hairdresser tell if I’ve cheated on them?” – Steph
  • “How do you really feel when a loyal client “cheats” on you? Is it okay if I come back? :)” – Sascha
  • “What’s the best way to break up with your hairdresser? I ghosted a hairdresser once but I felt guilty. Should I tell them I’m not coming back or is it better to say nothing?” – Sarah
  • “Do you like when we bring in photos or is that annoying?” – Maddie
  • “Can they tell the difference between dandruff & psoriasis? And do they get creeped out by having to touch/wash it?” – Shelley
  • “What’s the biggest hair colour mistake you see?” – Lauren
  • “What are some common hair product mistakes you see? / Am I using this product correctly” – asked everyone

Thank you so much, Grant! Your advice is fantastic and I so appreciate your time to help answer these questions that we’re too afraid to ask our hairdressers.

I learnt some amazing new tips (especially about using volume powder to counteract too much hair serum!)

Personally, I’m also feeling so much better about my overthinking – your questions have shown me that I’m not alone and Grant has put my mind at ease by explaining it from a hairdresser’s perspective.

Which questions did you want to hear answered? And do you overthink situations as much as me?

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