What to do with curly hair at bedtime

What to do with curly hair at bedtime

Here’s are my tips and tricks for curly hair at bedtime so you wake up with great curls.

Struggling to get great curly hair on Day 2? You’re not alone.

I received a great question from Eve in my Hair Romance Facebook group, who said:

What can I do with my strong willed curly hair before bed to stop waking up to an insane frizz ball ?

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I know the struggle of curly hair at night. I move a lot in my sleep and there’s no chance my curls will survive until the morning. I do have a few tricks that have changed my hair for the better. It all starts with pineapples…

Pineapples for curly hair?

The pineapple is a curly hair technique where you pile all your hair on top of your head. You sort of look like a pineapple!

You can use a scrunchie or loose elastic to hold your hair but I prefer to use this clip. It’s really comfortable to sleep in.

My night time curly hair routine

This video shows you how I clip my hair and how I fix it in the morning.

Click here if you can’t see the video above

Live curly hair styling in the morning

Now to really see it in action, this was a live demo I did on my Facebook page to show you exactly what I do in real time.

Watch it on Facebook here

Switch your pillowcase

It really does make a difference when you change your pillowcase from cotton to silk. Not only is it lovely on your face, but your hair will be so much less frizzy too.

Silk pillowcase hack – I travel with a silk scarf to wrap around my pillow when I’m not at home. You can pick up vintage scarves for next to nothing and they also make a great accessory during the day.

If all else fails…try this tutorial

This was a real life hair fail in the morning and how I turned it around fast.

Click here to watch it on Facebook

Hope these tips and tutorials help! How do you deal with your curls at bedtime?

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