What to buy at the Priceline hair care sale

What to buy at the Priceline hair care sale

Heads up – the big Priceline hair care sale is happening this week!

On Thursday and Friday you can get 50% off almost the whole range of hair care products plus 30% off electrical styling too. These epic sales don’t come around often and it’s time to stock up.

I asked in my Facebook group and it was a big yes to finding out what I’ll be buying and what I think you should stock up on now.

So take a peek at my shopping wish list. I’ve included some other suggestions and if you have any product questions, hit me up in the comments below.

Although I’ve been collaborating with Priceline lately (like on this fun romantic bun tutorial where I was a Beauty School Expert!) this is not a sponsored post. I just love a sale and would hate for you to pay full retail next week.

You might also notice a lot of Schwarzkopf and Batiste links here too and they’re not sponsored either. I genuinely love these products and that’s why I choose to work with these brands. I would never recommend a product to you that I wouldn’t tell my mum or sister to buy. So whether you see products shared on Hair Romance, sponsored or not, I always stand by my recommendations.

So let’s go shopping and here’s what’s on my Priceline wishlist that will be added to cart as soon as the sale starts. I’ve also added in recommendations for other hair types too.

Dry shampoo

I buy this stuff in bulk and while I was always a fan of the tropical scent, the rose gold is so pretty. I always grab some extra travel size ones too.

Shampoo & Conditioner

I am not kidding when I say this range is amazing. I’ve got my whole family using it now as well.


If you buy one thing, make it this leave-in spray. I can’t get enough of this stuff. For deep treatments, the A’kin is great for curly, dry or damaged hair.


I need to keep my blonde hair in check and this mousse is the best. I make all my brunette friends use the corresponding one too, even if they don’t colour their hair. It is a beautiful colour refresher.


I’m not sure if these will be in the sale, and I’m reticent to recommend supplements as they don’t work for everyone, but these work for me. I also take Omega 3, magnesium and zinc.

Curly hair

I never thought I would use gel but this helps me style frizz free curls.


If you’re following the Curly Girl method, these conditioners are silicone-free and great to use as a co-wash.

Thick curly hair

Maui Moisture is a new range I tried recently and they smell amazing. The Curl Smoothie is great for thick hair. It does contain a small amount of microcristalline wax so you will need to use a shampoo to clarify from time to time.

Fine curly hair

I like a mousse for styling fine hair and this one is great. It does contain some alcohol so it’s not strictly “Curly Girl Method” but I love the result it gives in fine curly hair. You could also try the Maui Moisture Curl Milk and Toni & Guy Spray Gel.

Fine hair

For mega volume, in fine hair or if you love big hair like me, these are the ACTUAL BEST.

The volume spray has one bad review on the Priceline website and I’m sure it’s because she didn’t use it properly. It’s not dry shampoo, it’s like a hair powder in spray form. A little goes a long way.

Heat protectants

Don’t heat style your hair without one! If you follow the Curly Girl routine, check out my recommendations for silicone free heat protectants here.

The Batiste is used in dry hair and the Schwarzkopf is for wet hair.

Shine spray

This is a recent find and it smells so good! This adds a lot of shine, so use only a little or you may end up looking oily instead.

Hair colour

I love experimenting with the Live Colour semi-permanents and if you’re looking for a permanent colour, this range is incredible. It contains Omegaplex (very similar to Olaplex) and is the first range to include this treatment at home. The results are pretty incredible.

Brushes and accessories

If you have some gaps in your accessories, I love checking out the new seasonal Lady Jayne ranges and bought a cute circle barrette last week. I might go and get some more on Thursday in the sale. I’d also recommend these brushes and stocking up on hair elastics. I swear I buy 1000s of elastics every year and still never have any in the bathroom!

Hair styling

With 30% off hair electrical, it’s a good time to update your styling tools. I personally use professional products because I use them all the time, but I would recommend these ones from the Priceline range. They’re amazing value and have some excellent features. I was actually surprised at how much better they were than I was expecting for the price.

Let me know if I’ve missed a category or if you have any questions! What products do you buy in bulk in the sales?

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