What Happens At My Hairdressers

What Happens At My Hairdressers

Hair Romance at Stevie English Hair

Want to know what happens at my hairdresser’s?

Today’s video is a little bit more like a vlog than one of my regular tutorials. I took my camera out with me to my hair appointment at Stevie English Hair. I set up my camera around the salon to film what happens when I’m there – and trust me, I’m there for a while!

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I’ve been seeing Stevie to get my hair done for about five years now. My best friend, Rohan, was my hairdresser for years. He was the one that gave me my first life-changing haircut. I met Rohan in the same street that I met my husband Jim, and that’s how the name Hair Romance came to be.

I had only just started Hair Romance when Rohan left me. He selfishly decided to take an amazing job opportunity and travel the world. I was devastated! It’s so sad when your hairdresser leaves you – it’s one of the hardest break ups ever.

Rohan and I have remained best friends, but I was so scared to find a new hairdresser. How do you begin to build up that trust again??

I knew I had found a cheeky kindred spirit in Stevie. He is a master colourist and since that first appointment, I knew my hair was in good hands.

It takes a lot to get my brown hair to be this blonde. I’ve been practically every hair colour with Stevie and I totally trust his work. In the video I have a quick chat with him about what he does to my hair.

Stevie is a master at hair colour, so I’m going to corner him next time I’m in the salon and ask him a bunch more colour questions. So I want to hear from you: what would you like to know?

What questions do you have about hair colour from a hairdresser? Are you interested in hair colour trends? Different formulas? Or maybe the biggest colour mistakes Stevie sees coming out of salons? Let me know in the comments below.

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