Tips and advice for a great curly haircut

Tips and advice for a great curly haircut

Here are my best tips and advice for a great curly haircut.

The hairdresser can be a scary place if you have curly hair. I don’t know a single person with curls who doesn’t have a story about a bad haircut. I’ve been there – more than once!

Worse still are the stories I’ve heard about some hairdressers making disparaging comments about curly hair.

I had a great question via email this week from Kylee who said:

I absolutely adore your website and as a girl with curls very similar to yours and love the style of your cut, I have always been on the hunt for a good hairdresser who knows curly hair! I am currently ready to have a major overhaul and wondered if you had any tips or advice when getting a proper cut? I always scared to put my hair into the hands of anyone especially when they themselves don’t have curly hair!!

Thanks so much for your lovely email, Kylee and for reading Hair Romance!

The hunt for a good hairdresser with curls takes a long time, and I know this from experience.

How to find a new hairdresser

I always find a new hairdresser by asking someone with great hair in my area. Ask around your friends, stop someone in the street, ask in local shops for who they recommend – you’ll find someone for sure.

In case you were wondering, I go to Stevie English Hair in Glebe and love the whole team there. My friend Rohan at Axis is also amazing with curls and gave me the original life changing haircut that was the start of Hair Romance.

Test them out

Once you’ve found your salon, book a consultation with your stylist before your appointment. It really helps to get a sense of whether they can handle your hair. You can also book in for a wash and dry to see what they do with your hair.

Explain in pictures

Take in photos of your haircuts from the past, and check Pinterest for inspiration images too.

It helps to take in photos of what you don’t like as well as photos of what you do like.

More curly haircut tips and advice

Hope this help, Kylee, and anyone else struggling to find a hairdresser who understands curls.

Let me know if you have any curly hair questions in the comments below xx

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