The best braids for wet hair – Dutch braid video tutorial

The best braids for wet hair – Dutch braid video tutorial

These braids are now my go-to in wet hair. The reason they’re so great in wet hair is that it’s easier to section your hair and get neat braids when your hair is wet. When you have big frizzy curly hair (like me), getting neat braids is tricky. So braiding your hair when wet is the solution.

This hairstyle tutorial is a request from Instagram. I’ve been wearing my hair in double Dutch braids a lot lately, and they’re now my favourite braid for wet hair.

There’s an extra bonus when you style your wet hair in these double Dutch braids. Once your hair dries, you can take the braids out and you’ll be left with really great waves. This type of style helps to stretch out my curls and smooth my frizz into waves once my hair dries.

Check out my video tutorial to get the look. I shot it on location in the beautiful Port Stephens, NSW. I probably shouldn’t tell you, but it’s one of my secret holiday spots where I would go to switch off and relax. My family has been coming here for years and I think it’s one of the best-kept secrets about where to holiday from Sydney.

The best braids for wet hair – Dutch braid video tutorial

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Three Tips For Braiding Wet Hair

1. Be gentle when combing your hair

Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair because it’s more elastic. It’s really easy to stretch and pull at your hair, and break it without realising. When braiding your hair, make sure that you don’t pull too tightly and also use a wide comb to section your hair so that you don’t cause breakages.

2. Treat while you style

I like to use a leave-in conditioner on my hair, especially when I braid my hair wet. It makes my hair that little bit easier to style because it’s a little bit smoother, but it also does double duty to treat my hair while it dries.

3. The size of your braid equals the size of your waves

I like to braid my wet hair so that I can wear my hair out wavy afterwards and the size of the braid you do will determine the type of wave you have afterwards. Doing neat thin braids will leave you with tighter waves and doing large thick braids will leave you with much softer, looser waves.

These double Dutch braids are also a great gym hairstyle because they hold really well and are so comfortable to wear.

Let me know in the comments below – do you prefer video tutorials or picture tutorials? I’d really love to know so I can create the tutorials that really help you the most. Tell me what tutorial you’d like to see next!

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