Spring Racing Hairstyles – How to style your hair to suit your hat

Spring Racing Hairstyles – How to style your hair to suit your hat
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Yes, it’s that time of the year again – Spring Racing season is here. I’ve got you covered with 3 easy hairstyle tutorials to suit your hat style.

If you’re planning to attend the races or any events around the season, it’s customary to wear a hat. Personally I don’t think there are enough events anymore where you’re required to wear a hat.

So if you’re not used to wearing hats, it can feel a little bit strange at first. And then there’s the question of how to match your hairstyle to your hat.

I’ve teamed up with Priceline to answer your beauty questions again and check out my video below to see my tips for easy DIY Spring Racing hairstyles.

Spring Racing Hairstyles – How to style your hair to suit your hat

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How to choose a hat for Spring Carnival

The spring season is the perfect time to pick bright colours. Put away your felt and wool hats and instead go for straw or linens. This season I’m loving straw boaters with wide brims and loose floppy hats as well.

Tips for wearing fascinators

Now if your budget doesn’t stretch to a custom hat, a fascinator is a fabulous choice.

The thing to consider with a fascinator is to play off the angles and shapes it creates. You want to choose a hairstyle that creates balance with the headpiece.

Hat alternatives

If you don’t feel comfortable with the height of a fascinator a headband is a great alternative.

Springtime is perfect for flower crowns (either real or silk flowers) and I’m loving the number of lace headbands I’m seeing at the moment too.

Do you need to take your hat off?

The good news with the races is that you’re not expected to take your hat off during the day. You can choose a hairstyle that just matches your hat without having to worry what it looks like without it.

How to choose the perfect hairstyle to match your hat

Prep your hair so it lasts all day

  • The races is a long day so you want to make sure your hairstyle will last the distance. Good preparation is key, so use products to ensure your hairstyle lasts all the way to the finish line.

Look for balance

  • Work with the angles of your hat and balance that out with a low or side style.

Sleek or textured

  • In the same way that you’re looking for balance with the shape of your hat, you want to create harmony between the textures of your hat with your hair.
    You can contrast sleek hair with a textured hat, or harmonise similar textures for an understated style.

Choose colour

  • Except for the traditional black and white of Derby Day, Spring Racing Season is a festival of colour. Don’t be afraid to go bright with your headpiece or your hair colour.

Break the rules

  • Wear what makes you comfortable. You can mix and match the hairstyles to suit the way you like to wear your hair and feel confident knowing that your hair will last the distance.

My Race Day Essentials

Here are my go to products to keep me looking fresh all day.

I hope you like these tutorials and let me know if you’ve got any hair questions.

How will you be styling your hair to go with your headpiece?

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