Quick and easy twist hairstyle tutorial – Get great hair fast

Quick and easy twist hairstyle tutorial – Get great hair fast

Hands up who likes an awesome beauty shortcut!

Hair Romance x Schwarzkopf collaboration

quick & easy updo for curly hair - Hair Romance

I have to mentally prepare myself to wash and dry my hair, so I love quick and easy hairstyles I can do in messy hair.

And for this Triple Twist hairstyle, your hair doesn’t need to be perfect.


If you’ve ever tried a tutorial and failed…

…this hairstyle is for you.

In fact, if you’re halfway through a style and it all starts going wrong, the Triple Twist is your quick-fix solution.

Don’t just put your hair up in a regular ponytail.

This twist updo is just as easy to do and will work in any hair that’s past shoulder length.

And best of all, it makes the most of your messy hair.

All you need are 3 hair elastics and 2 bobby pins.

…well maybe a few extra pins if you have really long hair.

Let’s get started – with messy hair

And to prove that your hair doesn’t need to be Pinterest-perfect before you start, I’m starting with this hair:

quick & easy updo for curly hair - Hair Romance

Yep, this is my real hair.

It’s pretty messy. It’s a little frizzy. And…

…I probably should have washed it 2 days ago.

I want to show you how quickly you can transform your messy, 3rd-day hair with some clever use of product.

Then I’ll teach you a super easy style that’ll get you all the compliments.

Quick and easy hair tutorial – the Triple-Twist updo video

Click here if you can’t see the video above

This style is my modernised take on the topsy tail that’ll see you from bed hair to anywhere hair in a few minutes.

How to get the look – The Triple-Twist hairstyle tutorial

quick & easy updo for curly hair - Hair Romance

What you’ll need:

Step-by-step tutorial

  1. Prep your hair. To tame my knots and dry ends, I love the Fibre Therapy spray as it’s so light but really makes my hair feel soft.
    Then to add a little texture in the twists, I’m using the Body & Texture Texturising Spray in the mid-lengths of my hair.
  2. Style the front of your hair. I like a little volume at the top so a sprinkle of the volume powder helps to hold my hair. Then I pin it in place with a bobby pin.
  3. Create your first ponytail. Pull back a section of hair from your temples and create a little half-up ponytail with the 2 sides. Make sure you leave a gap in the middle and avoid the section you’ve already pinned at the top.
  4. Repeat Step 3, creating a second and third ponytail under the first. Take a section of hair around your ears and secure it with an elastic and gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail.
  5. These three ponytails can be a style of their own! They make your hair look longer too. We could stop here but let’s finish this updo with a twist.
  6. Flip ponytail No.1 up and over, pulling it down and through itself, like a topsy tail style.
  7. Repeat with ponytail No.2. Make a hole above the elastic and flip your hair up and through. Tuck the first ponytail down through with it.
    You should have two cute little twists and it’s at this point you can start to tighten them up and stretch them out a little to emphasise those twists.
  8. Then twist ponytail No.3. Flip it up and through and tuck in the other two ponytails through this last twist. Depending on how long your hair is, you might like to keep your hair in this twisted ponytail.
  9. Roll up your hair to create the bun. Wrap the ends of your hair around two fingers and roll it up. Pin it in place with a bobby pin underneath.
Trick ponytail tutorial for curly hair

This ponytail could be worn as a style on its own (see step 5)

Styling tips

quick & easy updo for curly hair - Hair Romance

  • With any updo, you can customise the front of the style to suit you and your hair. You can pull it all back or keep some layers loose around your face.
  • Modify the bun to suit your hair. If you’ve got really long hair, you might like to do a simple three-strand plait/braid first. This will make it easier for you to roll up your hair and pin in underneath.
  • Braids make your hair a little bit tighter and more compact so the bun won’t be too big. But if you’ve got fine hair, you can backcomb your hair to create a loose bun and keep a little bit of texture in your hair.

Live hair tutorial video

quick & easy updo for curly hair - Hair Romance

You know there’s no fancy editing in my videos and so you see exactly how I style my hair, but I thought it would fun to give you a real time demonstration as well.

So join me on Facebook Live on Thursday 7th December at 8pm (Sydney time) where I‘ll show you how to get great hair fast and I’ll be answering your hair questions. I’ll explain some of my favourite product hacks too.

Can’t wait to chat with you then!

Show me your style

quick & easy updo for curly hair - Hair Romance

I can’t wait to see your version of the twist!

Please share them with me on Instagram – tag me @hairromance so I can see them or use the hashtag #hairromance. While you’re there, follow @schwarzkopfau too for more hair inspiration.

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