Plexed about Plex? What you need to know about this new hair technology

Plexed about Plex? What you need to know about this new hair technology
Hair Romance x Schwarzkopf Collaboration

Omegaplex – Olaplex – Fibreplex? Plexed about Plex?

This confusing and amazing new hair technology is the subject of my new Q&A video. I have a very special guest, Grant Withnell, Schwarzkopf National Technical Educator, who can easily explain the how and why of Plex.

I have been following this new technology since it first hit Australia and I can feel the difference in my hair. It’s the reason I’ve gone back to blonde, my hair is still curly and in great condition. I love how it makes my hair but I found it hard to explain how it worked.

It’s one of the most highly searched beauty terms, and really hit the mainstream once Kim Kardashian used it to go blonde.

Check out our video below for the lowdown with Grant.

Plexed about Plex? What you need to know about this new Omegaplex hair technology

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How good is that ladder analogy? That really helped me understand why my hair feels so much better now because of Plex technology. It goes beyond a conditioning treatment or a keratin treatment to rebuild the bonds within your hair. It really is revolutionising the hair care industry.

In our Q&A we talk about:

  • What is Plex technology?
  • How does Plex work?
  • What does Plex look like?
  • What hair types are best for Plex treatments?
  • I don’t colour my hair, can I still use Plex?
  • How does Plex compare to Keratin treatments?
  • How often should you use Plex?

Previously Plex was only available in salons, and now Schwarzkopf have brought Plex technology home and it’s awesome. You can try Omegaplex at home with the new Colour Specialist range which comes in nine gorgeous shades.

You can also treat your hair on the regular with the new Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy range – the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment all contain Omegaplex.

I love the leave-in after I wash my hair and also to refresh my curls on day two or three. It makes my hair feel incredible.

Thank you to everyone who asked questions on Instagram and thanks to Schwarzkopf for partnering with me on this video.

I love Grant’s ladder analogy and hope this makes Plex easier to understand. If you’ve got any questions about Omegaplex or how to use it, you can ask us in the comments below.

Have you tried Omegaplex yet?

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