Plex and curly hair – what you really need to know

Plex and curly hair – what you really need to know
Hair Romance x Schwarzkopf collaboration

Curly girls are usually the first to discover new treatments for hair. It can become a bit of an obsession for us. Plex technology is the biggest thing to happen in hair care in over 40 years and whoa, is it big. You’re really going to want this in your curls and in your colour.

How does Plex work?

Plex treatments like Omegaplex are not like conditioning treatments or keratin treatments. They work deep within the hair follicle to reconnect the di-sulfide bonds that form the internal hair structure. These bonds are damaged by colour, heat and in lots of weird ways.

Plex technology is not a hydrating, smoothing or straightening treatment either. It helps to restore your hair to its natural state. But don’t just take it from me.

The best person to explain it in an easy to understand way is Grant Withnell and you can watch us chat about Plex in this video.

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Isn’t Plex just a brand name?

No, Plex is the general name of the technology behind the treatment. When different brands use Plex, they usually include it in the name of their products. For example, Schwarzkopf has two Plex products: Fibreplex, which is the salon version, and Omegaplex, which is the at-home range.

Will Plex straighten my curls?

No, Plex restores your hair’s natural bonds and helps to bring back your natural hair. Using Grant’s ladder analogy from the video, it fixes the rungs but won’t change the struts of the ladder. If your curls are damaged, a Plex treatment can bring them back to life.

Does colouring my hair affect my curls?

Yes, colouring your hair can affect your curls negatively. But I’ve found choosing a colour with Plex like Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist with Omegaplex means that you’re reducing the risk of damage while you colour. This product does double duty to make your hair feel even better after colour.

Can Plex help to reduce frizz?

Grant says yes! As Omegaplex rebuilds the bonds in your hair, it strengthens the hair strand and makes it less porous. This means it absorbs less water and is less reactive to humid conditions. Using Plex will have an instant frizz reduction, but it also works over time to make your hair less prone to frizz.

Where can I get Plex?

In salons, Schwarzkopf Professional Fibreplex is available, but even better, you can now use Plex at home. Schwarzkopf have brought this new technology to retail. This is the first time you can use Plex at home with the Colour Specialist range. It’s available in 9 shades here.

You can also add Plex technology to your weekly hair care routine. The new Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy shampoo and conditioner contain Omegaplex, so you can rebuild your hair with every wash.

The Fibre Therapy Leave In Spray is my favourite product from the range. It’s super lightweight – so it’s perfect for fine hair, but it still makes coarse hair feel soft. I use this after I wash my hair and also on dry hair too. It doesn’t matter where you add it in to your curl routine either, as it can layer easily with other styling products.

Any other curl questions?

Have you tried Plex treatments? Have you got any other questions about curly hair? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be there to answer them. And if they’re too ‘comPlex’ (sorry), I’ll bring Grant in to answer you properly.

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