My secret to big bouncy waves that last all day

My secret to big bouncy waves that last all day
Hair Romance x Batiste collaboration

One of my most requested hairstyle tutorials is how I get my curly hair to fall into big, bouncy waves. Today I’ve got a video to show you exactly what I do and all my secrets to long-lasting curls.

I love to do this style in second or third day hair once my blowdry is starting to look a bit flat. You could also do it in freshly washed hair as well. These waves add in volume and are fun for day or night.

I can then get these waves to last another two or three days. As always, dry shampoo is key.

You don’t have to have been reading Hair Romance for a long time to know that I love dry shampoo, so I’m really excited to be partnering with Batiste to create these tutorials and to show you some of their new products as well.

Yes, they’re more than just dry shampoo now; Batiste has a range of dry styling products for all hair types and situations. This is great for me because – as you know – I hate to wash my hair. So anything I can do to keep styling my dry hair and keep it looking good for days is amazing.

It also makes styling super fast, as you don’t need to go from wash to style every time.

Check out my video tutorial below to see how I curl my hair. I’ll also run through all the steps underneath.

How to get big bouncy waves that last – Video tutorial

Click here if you can’t see the video above

What you’ll need:

  • Hairbrush (I love my Mason Pearson, though any bristle brush is fine)
  • A curling wand (I’m using a 19mm barrel)
  • Dry shampoo (I’m loving the new Batiste Rose Gold scent, though the tropical is my usual favourite)
  • Batiste Heat and Shine Spray (A dry heat protectant that adds incredible shine)
  • Batiste Hairspray (My #1 secret to longer-lasting curls)

Bonus – I love the Batiste Texturizing Spray as a final step to achieve that perfect undone wave. It gives that beachy look and adds volume without making your hair look too ‘done’ and perfect.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Freshen up your roots with dry shampoo. Even if you’re starting with clean hair, I love this step. It adds in a little more grip and volume into your hair. Remember to always wait a minute and then brush the product through to distribute it through your hair.
  2. Before curling, use a heat protectant. Normally I use a cream heat protectant in wet hair, but I love the ease of a dry spray that also gives amazing shine. Brush to distribute throughout your hair as well.
  3. Curl from the bottom up. Clip up the top section of your hair and bring the loose bottom section forward over your shoulders.
  4. Working in small sections, wrap your hair around the barrel away from your face. I start by laying my hair flat around the barrel, then I give it a slight twist towards the end.
  5. How you cool your curl matters. Hold your curl in your hand for a few seconds before you let it drop. The way you let your hair cool will help set it in place and stop your curls dropping out.
  6. Keep curling in small sections and work in layers around your head. I like to keep curling away from my face for these curls, and for a more natural look you can curl some forward and some backwards; it’s up to you.
  7. Now here’s my curl secret – hairspray before you curl! I give a light mist of a flexible hair spray and then give my hair a little shake to let it dry before I curl. You could also brush it through again and then start wrapping your hair around the barrel.
    The hairspray’s extra hold is incredible for adding more shape and shine to your curls. The spray is workable and isn’t sticky so is easy to style and leaves my curls feeling touchable and soft. It makes waves last so much longer even in hair that’s really hard to curl.
  8. There’s a trick to doing the top layer of your hair. I curl close to the root for all of the underneath layers, whereas on the top I curl from about eye level down. I find this gives a softer shape and leaves the layers around my face to frame nicely.
  9. Now once you’ve curled all of your hair, the important step is to let it cool. Give it a final mist of hairspray and then just leave it alone.
  10. Once your hair is completely cool then it’s time to break up those curls into waves. Trust me, this middle stage can look a bit Shirley Temple, but you need to get through it in order to get those soft waves.

Styling Tips

  • Two looks in one – This curl routine is so versatile because you can wear it in loose curls or brushed out into beautiful waves. I like to style them big on the first day and then smooth them down on the second.

  • Dial up the gloss – You can add a little bit more of that shine spray in to really finish the look.
  • Tame flyaways – Use the barrel of your curling wand to smooth the top of your hair. Batiste Frizz Tamer Spray will also hold flyaways and protect against humidity.
  • Hairspray is my secret weapon for longer-lasting curls – It’s important to use a flexible hairspray like Batiste Hairspray. A strong lacquer won’t brush out and can flake on your hair.

  • Size matters – If you use a curling wand that’s too large, your curls can fall out quickly. That’s why I use a slightly smaller barrel as it leaves space for my curls to drop into. As they stretch out, they still look good and they last longer too.

I hope you like this tutorial and that you give it a try in your hair. Please tag me #hairromance on IG so I can see it. And while you’re there, don’t forget to follow @BatisteAU for more hair inspo.

Have you ever tried dry shampoo in clean hair? And what’s your favourite Batiste fragrance?

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