My favourite hair products for travel – What I really packed

My favourite hair products for travel – What I really packed

Let’s chat about my favourite hair products for travel and I’ll give you a peek inside my beauty bag that I took away on my last trip.

I’ve just been away for two months in the UK and Europe and for this trip I really tried to pack light. Now what’s packing light for me might be packing a lot for you, but trust me this is minimalism for me.

Travelling to Europe is quite a trip from Australia. I wrote about my favourite travel hairstyles to make you leave the plane looking like you flew first class. I also created a video for this post. I thought it would be fun to chat through what I actually packed and what I used. (BTW if you want to see more from my travels, head over to my other blog Mr & Mrs Romance!)

Of course I ended up forgetting a few products when I packed and I had to buy them while I was away. Then I realised how much I love Boots in the UK and had to refrain myself from buying the rest of the shop!

Check out the video below, if you don’t have time to watch the video now, you should bookmark it and come back later 😉 I’d love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

My favourite hair products for travel – What I really packed

Click here if you can’t see the video above

But if you just want the details, here’s the list of what I packed and what I bought.

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo 50ml mini size – perfect for carry-on luggage and an instant handbag hair fix. Shop it – Australia, USA
  • Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy Leave-in Treatment Spray – an absolute new favourite all time product and I used half a bottle during the trip. Shop it – AustraliaEverywhere else
  • David Mallett shampoo and conditioner #1 L’Hydration – a very fancy travel set. This is a beautiful hydrating shampoo for medium to fine hair. Shop it – Worldwide
  • Darshana Hair Oil – a beautiful treatment and great for styling curly hair too. I also recommend their shampoo and conditioner. Shop it – Worldwide
  • Batiste Hairspray – the mini size also is cabin luggage friendly. Shop it – Australia
  • OSIS+ Curl Honey – I took a chance on a new hair product and I liked this one and it’s going to stay. Shop it – Australia, USA
  • OSIS+ Bouncy Curls gel – I liked this but I think this is better suited to fine or tighter curls. Shop it – Australia, USA
  • Batiste XXL Volume Spray – I should have packed this as I have two bottles at home but I went and bought another one while I was away. It’s my dream big hair in a bottle. Shop it – Australia, Similar product in USA
  • Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Refresher Mousse – again I knew I should have packed this! I didn’t get my regrowth done while I was away and this kept the brassy tones away in three minutes. Shop it – AustraliaUK

I realised I forgot to talk about styling tools in the video so I’ll quickly add them now.

  • I always carry a wide tooth comb for detangling my hair in the shower and I love this one.
  • I also take two hair brushes: my trusty Mason Pearson boar bristle brush which I can’t live without and a round brush if I’m going to be blowdrying my hair smooth.
  • Yes I also packed my Dyson hair dryer and yes it is crazy expensive but I really do like it. It’s a great travel size and weight plus it also doubles as an iron. Shop it – Australia, USA

Now, I’d love to know what are your favourite hair products for travel? What do you pack when you go away? Do you style your hair differently on holidays? Or follow the same routine?

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