How to style the front of curly hair – Tips and curly hair tutorials

How to style the front of curly hair – Tips and curly hair tutorials

How To Style The Front Of Curly Hair

Knowing how to style the front of curly hair can be a challenge. Here’s my easy guide to styling curly hair for updos or any hairstyle you like.

Most of the time on Hair Romance you only see the back of my head.

It’s partly because the front of my styles are fairly simple but there’s another reason…

I’m really awkward when taking pictures of myself!

But I faced the camera today to show you some quick and easy tricks you can use to style the front of curly hair.

I’ve made a video which you can watch below to show you several different ways which you can watch below to show you several different ways to fix the front of your hair.

Do you have a good side?

Is it just me or do you seems to have one good side for curly hair?

I definitely prefer my left side. The curls on my right are a little bit wavier rather than curls.

So when styling the front of your hair you choose a side that suits your curls. Here are my tips to how to style the front of curly hair.

(And sorry for getting sidetracked in the video! I had to tell you about our dog so you’d really understand how much I tuck my hair behind my ear.)

I hope you enjoy some of the funny touches in this video as well. Jim had a great time editing this for me.

How to style the front of curly hair – Tips and curly hair tutorials video

Click here if you can’t see the video above

Curly hair tips and tutorials

1. The secret pin

My first tip for styling the front of curly hair is the secret pin. Twist your hair back but instead of putting it on top of your hair, you want to pin it underneath.

The trick is to do a 180 degree turn with your bobby pin, weaving it through the twist so that it stays in place. Try this if you like to wear your hair out but also to keep it off your face. This twist style can work with a low updo or bun.

2. The easy twisted top knot

This is the perfect way to keep your hair off the top of your face. You can create a loose or tight top knot to hold back the top layers of your hair and keep your hair off your face.

I like to keep a little bit of volume on top to balance the width of my hair.

3. The fringe braid

Technically this fringe braid is a Dutch lace braid, but don’t worry about the names. Watch the video tutorial and you’ll see how I do it. I only add hair from the back so that the braid sits exactly where I want it on my hair line.

As with the secret pin, hide the end of this braid under the rest of your hair or you could combine it into an updo.

4. How to get extra volume

A common complaint with curly hair is a lack of volume on top. Often it seems that way because it’s out of balance with the texture at the ends of our hair. The trick to fix this is to flip your part.

If you normally part your hair on the right, do a part on the left side instead. You’ll instantly create volume and uncover some perfectly formed curls. If you prefer centre part, create a zigzag part so that you have equal volume on either side.

5. Find your perfect combination

If I’m planning on wearing my hair up, I’ll take elements from each of these tips to create a perfect style that suits my hair.

You might want to create a contrast with a braid and a bun, or add more volume on top. It’s up to you and what matches your curls.

When doing an updo, I always style the front of my hair first.

6. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Experiment with different combination to see which you like best. You might prefer to keep some layers out at the sides when you have an updo or have a little bit more volume when you’re wearing a side bun.

Don’t try to be perfect, it’s all about having fun with your hair and finding your own hair romance.

I’d love to know what’s your favourite way to style the front of your curly hair.

And did you like Jim’s edit on the video? Let me know on the comments below.

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