How to restyle curly hair fast and get mega volume

How to restyle curly hair fast and get mega volume
Hair Romance x Batiste collaboration

Today’s tutorial is how to restyle curly hair fast – and you don’t have to wet your hair. It’s super fast, it works perfectly every time, and I’m going to share all of my curl secrets with you.

Waking up with great curls is rare and so many tutorials want you to start from scratch and wash your hair to refresh your curls.

This is my cheat dry styling routine that I use to get great volume in my curls on the second, third (or maybe even fourth!) day. In fact, I find if I follow these steps on the second day, my curls last and look good for much longer.

How to restyle curly hair fast and get mega volume – Video tutorial

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How to restyle curly hair without washing it

Step 1 – Dry shampoo

Yes, you know how much I love dry shampoo. I’m pretty much addicted to it here on Hair Romance – and for good reason. It’s my time-saving hair saviour that helps me to space out how often wash my hair.

But more than that, I love the volume and texture that dry shampoo gives my hair. I often even use it in clean hair because it gives that beautiful lift at the roots without feeling heavy in my hair. I usually get Batiste Tropical but the new Rose Gold scent is my current favourite.

If you’re not convinced with dry shampoo, it could be because you’re not getting the most out of it. Here’s my video on how to use dry shampoo.

Step 2 – Fix those squashed curls

Use a curling wand to add a little more shape and definition across the top layer of your hair. You only need to do maybe 10 to 12 curls (it really depends on your hair), but it gives the whole style a lift and makes it look like you’ve completely redone your hair.

The trick is to find a small curling wand around about the same size as your curls. This way it matches, blends in naturally and looks just like the rest of your curls but with more definition.

For dry styling, I love the Batiste Heat and Shine Spray. It adds a beautiful gloss to my hair – and we know how hard it is to get curly hair to look shiny. This spray is magic in a bottle for curls. And on straight hair you get incredible mirror shine.

The Heat and Shine Spray adds a little bit of extra protection so that I can curl my hair without worrying about damage. As always let your hair cool completely before giving it a final shake out.

Step 3 – Zigzag your part

Instead of having a straight part line in your hair, move your curls around to create a zigzag part. It gives the illusion of more volume on top of your head where your curls can often lay flat.

Step 4 – Tame your ends

If the ends of my curls are still looking a bit frizzy, or if my hair feels dry, I’ll add a couple of drops of hair oil.

If you have more static and flyaways, the Batiste Frizz Tamer Spray is light, but provides great hold.

Step 5 – Pump up the volume

Now for some really big hair. The Batiste XXL Volume Spray is amazing. If you love dry shampoo for the volume, then you need to get the XXL as well. The new formula is made with keratin and Inca Inchi oil and is the best. I do a little spritz of this around the crown of my head and on the sides where my hair tends to lay flat. Give it a minute to work its magic and then shake out your hair for mega volume for days.

After I’ve styled my hair like this, I get another three days out of these curls – seriously, it works wonders.

This curling routine only takes around five to ten minutes all up. Plus it means that I don’t need to worry about the weather or how I’m going to dry my hair during the day – or how it’ll decide to dry for that matter.

For once I’m in control of my curls!

Dry styling saves me so much time. Having these Batiste products in the cupboard is a real lifesaver for me. Unlike styling wet hair, I know I will get the exact result I want every time.

I don’t think I could ever get my hair big enough – so tell me, do you love big hair? And have you tried Batiste’s new XXL Volume Spray?

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