How To Hide Regrowth

How To Hide Regrowth
Hair Romance x Batiste collaboration

It’s no secret I colour my hair, but I do like to pretend that this is my natural hair colour. When my regrowth starts to show, I have some tricks to try and hide it.

One of the problems I had on my last trip was travelling for so long; I missed my regular hair appointment – 1st World Problems, right? I did think about seeing someone else, but I’m pretty loyal to my hairdresser Stevie English and just couldn’t trust a stranger with my hair.

By the end of my travels I had to get pretty creative with my hairstyles. I also found some products that are so helpful in hiding regrowth as well.

Here are my tips on hiding your regrowth and pretending that this really is your natural hair colour.

How To Hide Regrowth

1. Embrace hats and accessories

I love hats, and that’s a good thing because they’re your first weapon to hide your regrowth.

Whenever I wear a hat, people often say to me “oh, I could never wear a hat; I’m not a hat person.” But I think you just haven’t found the right hat yet.

It sometimes takes a little bit of confidence to wear something different on your head. I say embrace it and just go for it! Find a great shop and try on a bunch of hats until you find the one that you really like. I promise it won’t be the last hat you buy.

I found this hat on my travels and it’s a souvenir I bought home from Cuba. I wear it every summer now and I always pack it when I’m travelling. It came in as a real lifesaver to hide my hair growth at the end of this trip.

One problem I do find is that you sometimes have to remove your hat when you go inside. But if you choose a smaller hat, you can leave it on anywhere. And if you’re worried about hat hair, I have a great trick I’ve shared here.

2. Learn how to wear a scarf

If you saw my humidity hairstyles post, you saw I recommended packing a silk scarf to wrap around your pillow. That scarf can do double duty and create an awesome hairstyle for you as well.

I like to try and wear it as a bandana style or wrapped around a bun, turban style. Either way looks great and helps to cover your regrowth.

The best thing about a scarf or a bright accessory is that it draws attention away from your roots and people noticed the accessory instead.

3. Go big

The higher the hair, the fewer roots you can see.

Forget your hair straighteners and reach for your curlers instead.

I embrace my natural curl a lot more once my regrowth is noticeable. That little bit of extra height will hide the regrowth and puts more focus on the ends of your hair.

The Batiste XXL Volume Spray is a must-have for big hair. I love this stuff and it is instant volume.

4. Wear your hair out

I know that as soon as your regrowth starts to show, you want to hide your hair away, but you should wear it out.

When your hair is pulled back, you actually emphasise the root. Instead, leave your hair out and put the focus on the ends of your hair.

Try to remember that you’re noticing your regrowth more than anybody else. They don’t know what you look like straight from the salon.

5. Disguise it

Did you know that there are tinted dry shampoos? Batiste makes a great range of tinted dry shampoos to help hide that pesky regrowth or those greys starting to poke through. It’s a total saviour for those final few days before getting your hair coloured.

I don’t know about you, but it can seem to me that my hair isn’t growing at all and then overnight it’s like it has grown an inch! I notice the regrowth suddenly and I can’t believe I let it get so bad. I hear myself moaning into the mirror: “I’m sure it wasn’t like that yesterday…”

I hope these disguises for your regrowth save you time and stress, and help you to persevere until you can get your hair back to its proper colour again.

Tell me, what’s your trick for hiding regrowth? And have you tried these tinted dry shampoos before?

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