How to help your hair cope with stress

How to help your hair cope with stress
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Hair Romance - How to cope with hair stress

Is your hair feeling a little bit stressed out? Or is stress affecting your hair?

Try these three simple tips to help manage your hair stress and get back to hair happiness.

1. Give yourself a head massage

Did you know that your head is the easiest part of your body to massage? And the effects of a head massage can be felt throughout your whole body!

Don’t just save up for a treatment when you’re at the salon – start making head massages part of your regular routine. I like to give myself a head massage at the end of each day, especially if I’ve been wearing my hair up in a tight hairstyle.

You can even give yourself a quick head massage in the morning before you wash your hair. This is also a great chance to double duty and do a hair treatment at the same time. Hair oils are incredible for your hair and will help to heal the signs of stress in your hair. I love the 6 Miracles Oil Essence as a pre-wash treatment.

Not only do head massages feel fantastic, they can also help to make your hair grow faster. A head massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp to feed your hair follicles to make sure they’re getting good circulation to grow healthy hair.

Hair Romance - How to cope with hair stress

2. Treat your hair while you sleep

When you’re feeling stressed, it can make your hair feel dry and dull. The massages and treatments combined are ideal, and here’s another cheat to let you treat your hair while you sleep.

If life is too busy to let you have 5 minutes to treat your hair, then this is the solution for you. Apply a moisturising treatment to damp hair at night. Twist your hair up into a towel or clip it up while you sleep. Then in the morning, wash your hair as normal and you’ll have super soft and shiny hair.

You can even cheat a little more and use your regular hair conditioner if you don’t have a treatment at home. If you need to buy one, I love the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Treatment or the Colour Protect and Shine range for coloured hair.

Hair Romance - How to cope with hair stress

3. Be a little kinder to your hair

We put our hair through so many environmental stresses, something has to break and I don’t want it to be your hair. Heat styling in particular takes a toll on your hair and without giving your hair a little TLC, it’s not going to be as healthy or shiny.

Drop the temperature down on your heat appliances. Make sure you use a heat protectant and give your hair a bit of a rest between styling days. You know I love braids and this easy updo is a great way to give your hair that rest day.

Hair Romance - How to cope with hair stress

The best thing about these three tips is that not only will they help your hair recover from stress, they’re also really good for you too. Remember everything going on your life will show on your hair. So give yourself a massage, make sure you get some more sleep and turn the heat down in your life too. I know you’ll feel better and your hair will too.

Thanks so much to Schwarzkopf for helping with this series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have creating it! I think we could all do with a little more hair happiness.

Hair Romance - How to cope with hair stress

If you need some help with your hair, the Schwarzkopf Style Studio is full of fantastic advice. You’ll find posts from me, and you can also find out your hair horoscope, which is your guide to having your best hair days.

What do you do to help your hair cope with stress? Have you given yourself a head massage lately?

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