How to get great hair fast – a hair blogger’s confession

How to get great hair fast – a hair blogger’s confession

Want to know my secret to getting out the door fast with hair so good people will ask: “where did you have it done?”

Hair Romance x Schwarzkopf Collaboration

Hair Romance - Great Hair Fast - Braid Tutorial for Messy Curly Hair

As a hair blogger, you’d think I spend a lot of time on my hair.

Think again.

Here’s what my normal morning looks like:

Hit snooze on my alarm…

Hit snooze on my alarm…

Hit snooze on my alarm for a third time.

Husband elbows me in the back and tells me to turn my alarm off completely.

I totally oversleep and still find it hard to get out of bed. Plus I’d rather spend 5 more minutes there than on my hair.

With only a few minutes to get ready, there’s no time to wash my hair or even attempt any complicated heat styling.

After many mornings like this of practice, I’ve got fast hairstyles down to a fine art.

I’m going to let you in on my best hair hacks and tips. There’s a new hairstyle video tutorial for you below too.

How to style your hair in a rush

Hair Romance - Great Hair Fast - Braid Tutorial for Messy Curly Hair

When I need to get out the door fast, here’s exactly what I do:

I reach for some of my tried and tested favourite Schwarzkopf hair products and attempt a style I’ve done before.

So that’s tip number 1:

If you’re reading this and you have five minutes to get out the door, try a style you’re familiar with.

However, if you’ve only hit snooze twice, maybe you can give this one a try (my step-by-step tutorial is below).

You might want to practise this once or twice first, then it will easily join your everyday fast hair-drobe.

Pinterest Fails

If you’ve ever tried a popular Pinterest hairstyle and failed, I might know why.

It’s probably because the stylists already have perfectly prepped hair to start with.

I know.

I’ve done it myself.

Behind the scenes – hair blogger confessions

Often when I create my hairstyle tutorials for you, I blow dry my hair and curl it so that it looks good before I begin and the finished style looks perfect.

That braid only took 3 mins, but I may have spent about 137 minutes getting ready first.

I don’t mean to mislead you, it’s just…

…those hairstyles always get more likes on Instagram.

But let’s be real:

When I’m not in front of the camera, my hair is far from perfect.

Keeping it real

So to show you exactly what it could look like in your hair, I’m starting with this hair:

Hair Romance - Great Hair Fast - Braid Tutorial for Messy Curly Hair

This is my real hair.

It’s my three-day-old curly hair that’s been slept in and is an absolute mess.

It’s frizzy. It’s also a bit knotty.

I hope this gives you the courage to try my tutorial knowing that your hair can’t look much worse than this.

Hair hack #1 – fight the frizz

My first trick is to deal with the frizz, and product is key.

I reach for my favourite Schwarzkopf BB cream.

I love oils and serums to tame fuzzy flyaways, but the frizz that I’ve got in my hair at the moment is because my hair is dry.

This BB cream is water-based and it helps hydrate my hair and control the frizz.

If you’ve just got some light flyaways, an oil or serum will work really well. If you’re trying to tame some really tangled hair, the BB cream is perfect. The Extra Care Leave In Treatment is also excellent to treat and tame.

For good measure, I am also going to use my Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy leave-in treatment spray.

I am pretty much obsessed with this product, and use it on dry and wet hair all the time.

And don’t worry if you’ve got fine hair.

This doesn’t leave any build up or feel greasy on your hair.

On normal hair, it’s enough to treat your dry ends. But for me, I need the BB cream as well.

Once I’ve started to tame what’s there and have twisted a few curls into place at the front, it’s time to style.

Hair Romance - Fast hair hacks - Schwarzkopf Styling Products

Hair hack #2 – Prep tip for clean hair

If you’re better organised than me and are trying this style in clean hair, I have an alternative product tip.

Instead of taming your hair, you want to prep it to hold an updo. Clean hair has a reputation for making braids fall out quickly.

You can still use the Fibre Therapy spray (did I mention I’m obsessed with it?), but then use the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Body & Texture Styling Foundation.

If your hair always falls out of updos and refuses to stay in place, you need this product.

It adds grip and texture to your hair.

Best of all, it’s not stiff and can be brushed out and restyled again.

You can also reach for the Volume Powder that I use later on the braid. It will pep up any flat roots and give your hair incredible texture.

Hair Romance - Great Hair Fast - Braid Tutorial for Messy Curly Hair

Why did I choose this hairstyle?

I could just go for a regular bun, but I’m going to add in a braid detail.

The beauty of this is that the detail of the braid will take the focus away from the rest of my frizz.

The extra detail also softens the bun style, which often can look a little harsh or plain on its own.

Quick and easy braid hairstyle – video tutorial

Click here if you can’t see the video above.

How to get the look – Quick and easy braid hairstyle

Hair Romance - Great Hair Fast - Braid Tutorial for Messy Curly Hair

What you’ll need:

Step-by-step tutorial

Once your hair is prepped and under control, you can start styling.

  1. Create a deep side part. It only needs to be a short part as this is the start of the braid.
  2. Pick up a section of hair near the part and split in into three. This is a Dutch braid so it’s like a French braid but in the reverse. Instead of crossing over, you’re crossing the sections under.
  3. Cross the left piece under the middle, and then the right piece under the left. Then on the next cross, pick up a section of hair to add in to your braid. Repeat on the right, adding in a section of hair into the braid.
  4. Continue the Dutch braid, following your hairline. As you reach the top of your ear, stop adding in hair and finish in a regular plait/braid.
  5. Secure the end of your braid with a pin or hair elastic to hold it in place while you do the bun.
  6. Gather the rest of your hair into a low, side ponytail. Loosen your hair above the elastic to give more volume to the style.
  7. To create the bun, split your ponytail into three, loop each section around your fingers and pin it in place. Then stretch out the loops to create a rounder bun.
  8. Now to add the detail that everyone will ask you about – my secret trick is the Schwarzkopf Volume Powder.
    I sprinkle this down the centre of my braid and pat it in gently. This is a super fine powder that turns to liquid like magic. In dark hair it’s still completely invisible.
  9. Then the magic continues when you stretch out your braid. Even superfine hair looks ten times thicker with this volume powder and your braid will stay in place.
  10. Once your braid is really stretched out, wrap it over and around your bun. Tuck the ends underneath and pin it in place with a bobby pin.
  11. If you’ve got a really long day ahead, I love the Schwarzkopf Body & Texture Hairspray to make sure that my hair stays exactly where I want it.

Hair Romance - Great Hair Fast - Braid Tutorial for Messy Curly Hair

Styling tips

Now, depending on how long and thick your hair is, there are a few ways to do this bun:

  • If you have long hair, you can just twist it around into a regular bun and if you’ve got fine hair, you might want to create more sections to really stretch out your hair and make it look full.
    Whatever you do, this should really only take a minute.

If you have layers:

  • You can use the Volume Powder to disguise them. Tap a little bit of powder onto the layers and tuck them back in to the braid or bun. They should stick back in place.

Two quick hairspray hacks from my video

  • Spray a little bit of the hairspray on your palms to smooth down any small flyaways or baby hairs.
  • Spray a small brush to grab any of those delicate baby hairs around your hairline or on your neck to incorporate them into your style.

Now you’ve got Pinterest-worthy hair in under five minutes.

Add a bright lipstick and no one will know that you slept through your alarm!

Hair Romance - Great Hair Fast - Braid Tutorial for Messy Curly Hair

I hope you like this quick hairstyle tutorial. I can’t believe I showed you my really really messy hair, but I wanted to show how it can be easily transformed with a couple of great products and a simple style.

You can shop my favourite Schwarzkopf products at Priceline and I’d love to see this hairstyle in your hair.

Show me your style

Tag me #hairromance on Instagram or DM me so I can see your styling and while you’re over there, follow @schwarzkopfau for lots of great hair inspiration too.

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