How to diffuse the back of your hair

How to diffuse the back of your hair

Struggling with drying your curly hair?

I love answering your hair questions and I received great question from a reader, Kama, who is having trouble getting volume at the back of her curls. She asks:

Do you have any tips for diffusing curly hair? I have no problem with diffusing the front, but I can’t seem to do the back of my hair correctly (no volume, etc.) If you have any helpful hints, that would be greatly appreciated.

Love this question, Kama!

I’ve got a couple of videos below to show you how I diffuse my curly hair.

Here are some tips on how to best diffuse the back of your curly hair.

Lean in

As you’ll see in the videos, I like to lean over to diffuse the front and sides of my hair. I can usually reach the back this way too.

A trick to make this easier is to sit in a chair. That way, you’re supported by the arms of the chair so can get the angle right.

Flip it

To get extra volume, flip your hair all the way over. Drying your curls upside down will help you achieve more lift in your roots.

Alternatively, you can place your hairdryer in a holder (or DIY one) and lean back in your chair to dry your hair. This is a great trick if you have back problems or can’t hold a dryer for a long time.

Clip it

Use flat pin curl clips to hold up your roots as you dry your hair. I like these ones. Lift your curls and place the pins right at the root at the top of your hair and at the crown of your hair.

If you need more volume at the back, add in more clips below the crown of your head. They will hold up your curls so they don’t dry flat against your head.

Dyson Diffuser Testdrive

This video is more about the hairdryer review but skip forward to around the 6 minute mark to see how I diffuse my hair.

Click here if you can’t see the video above

How I wash and style my curly hair

This is my full curly hair routine, and I start to diffuse my hair around the 3.30 mark.

Click here if you can’t see the video above

Hope these tips help you get more volume in your curls!

If you’ve got any hair questions, you can ask me in the comments below or send me an email xx

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