How to deal with a frizzy blow dry

How to deal with a frizzy blow dry

Today’s tutorial is a half up braid that I use to hide a frizzy blowdry. This could be a blow dry that I did myself but hasn’t quite worked out or on second or third day hair.

On this occasion the weather was just not in my favour, it was a hugely hot day and so humid that my hair began to frizz immediately.

To distract from the frizz, I like big thick braid to take all the attention. No one will notice your frizzy hair and you’ll still get compliments on your great half up do.

How to deal with a frizzy blow dry – Half-up hairstyle tutorial

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Three tips for preventing frizz

Once frizz is there it’s really hard to get rid of it so you need to focus on prevention and stop it before it starts.

1. Deep condition your hair

Frizz starts to form in dry hair, so make sure that your hair is perfectly conditioned. Add a weekly hair mask into your routine.

2. Freeze your style

I like to use styling products that help to protect and set my style so that it really lasts. When styling curly hair, I like to use a gel in really wet hair to stop frizz from forming. When styling straight hair or waves, I use a humidity proof hairspray to make sure that I lock my style in place.

3. Keep your hands out of your hair

Friction = frizz, so the more you keep touching your hair the more frizzy it will become. You may not be able to change the weather but you can definitely stop yourself from messing up your own hair.

I hope these tips help on your next frizzy hair day and check out these other hairstyles that I love for frizzy hair.

What’s your secret style for hiding frizzy hair?

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