Help! How do I style the front of my curly hair?

Help! How do I style the front of my curly hair?

If you’re wondering, “how do I style the front of my curly hair?” then you’re not alone. Figuring out the best way to style your curls can be a challenge and I have some tips to make it easier for you.

If you’re wearing your curls out, then check out my video tutorial on how to wash and style curly hair.

This week’s question is about wearing your hair up, and how to deal with those curls at the front.

I love answering your hair questions and this week I had a curly query via email:

I have curly hair…very curly hair and when I try some of your hairstyles, like say a Dutch braid or a twist and pin hairstyle, it never looks right on top. Wherever I begin with the braid it always looks funny where I start.

Maybe its just because I’m awful at braids and hairstyles in general but sometimes they do look fine in the back but on the top of my head and in the front it looks weird. Any ideas?

This is a great question and I know I get a few comments about how my hairstyles can work in different hair types.

When you’re browsing Hair Romance or Pinterest for hairstyles, most of us will make the same common mistakes so here’s what I recommend.

1. Don’t be put off by hairstyle tutorials in straight hair

I get lots of emails saying that their curls don’t fit my straight hairstyles but when I do the same tutorial in curly hair, I think it adds a beautiful texture and can look even better.

Here’s an example of two similar Dutch braid styles in straight hair and in curly hair. I love them both and think they work equally well in my hair.

2. Don’t compare your curls

One of the mistakes I tended to make a lot was to compare my curls to others. I used to be quite critical of how my curls looked. When I first started wearing my curly hair up, I had to get used to the different styles. Other people would like it but it initially felt a bit weird to me.

Does that sound like it could be you as well?

Maybe it’s time to love your hair a little more and learn some quick ways to style it.

How to style the front of curly hair

To get comfortable with styling the front of your curly hair, you have to work out what you like.

Then the secret is to style the front first before doing the rest of the hairstyle. Here are some ways I like to style the front of my curls.

1. Side part with more volume

With this ponytail, I have a side part and have kept more volume on top by pinning the top layers up.

Check out my easy curly ponytail with a twist tutorial here.

You could do this look with any braid, bun or ponytail in the back.

2. Twisted to the side

I like this style with either twists to braids to the side. It’s perfect for when my curls are a bit messy and I want to keep them off my face. I am a chronic hair tucker so this stops me fiddling with my hair all day.

Check out my easy twisted bun tutorial here.

You can keep the twist tight or pull it out to make it a bit looser – remember to always adapt a style to your curls.

3. Leave some curls out to frame your face

Always a pretty way to style the front is to leave some curls out to frame your face. They really soften any upstyle.

Check out my curly double bun tutorial here.

If your curls are looking a bit kinked, I use a water spray and some leave in conditioner to wet the hair and then re-twist the individual curls back into shape.

These are just three options but there are endless ways to style the front of your curls. Try a centre part, a zig-zag part or pin a little pompadour section at the top to add some height. This last option is great for braids as you can start the braid just behind it.

Hope one of these options works for you and I’d love to know, how do you like to style the front of your curly hair?

PS. Looking for more curly hair inspo and tutorials? Start your own hair romance with my 30 Curly Hairstyles in 30 Days ebook.

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