Hair Transformations – Part 3 – Lana

Hair Transformations – Part 3 – Lana

Schwarzkopf Hair Transformations - Lana - Fibre Therapy

This Hair Transformations series has been one of my favourites ever on Hair Romance.

Now we’re at part 3 and you get to meet the beautiful Lana and see how her hair, and life changed in 2017.

The final results appear subtle but I could feel the difference in Lana’s hair. Check out the video we made below.

Missed Parts 1 & 2?

Catch up on the series here:

Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference.

That’s what I love about hair.

And I love when I find a product that can change your hair, fast.

Throughout this series I’ve been working with Schwarzkopf and their fantastic team to treat some of my wonderful readers.

We’ve been featuring the new Colour Specialist range because it’s the first consumer product to feature Omegaplex.

This new Plex technology has been one of the biggest hits in salons and is now available at home.

But what if you don’t want to colour your hair?

How can you use Omegaplex in your hair routine and why would you?

Meet Lana

Schwarzkopf Hair Transformations - Lana - before Fibre Therapy

Lana has been a long-time reader of Hair Romance. Like me, she’s had fun with her hair trying lots of colours over the years.

However 2017 has been one of the biggest years ever for her.

Lana turned 30 and had a beautiful son named Elliot.
(Side note: I got to meet him & he’s the cutest!)

But this has meant life has completely changed and Lana’s priorities have definitely shifted.

She doesn’t have the time she used to have to spend on her hair. In fact she hasn’t coloured her hair since having Elliot seven months ago.

Lana doesn’t need a major change.

She needs something she can do every day without having to worry.

For Lana, Omegaplex will strengthen her hair and bring more vibrancy and volume.

But like I said, you don’t have to colour your hair to have Omegaplex in your life.

Lana’s hair care challenge transformation

Click here if you can’t see the video above.

One of my favourite products

Hair Transformations with Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist range with Omegaplex & Fibre Therapy Range

I brought in an extra hair product just for Lana:

My favourite in the Schwarzkopf range – the Nordic Blonde Toner.

Don’t underestimate the power of a toner to freshen up your hair. It can breathe life back into your hair and cleans out any brassy tones.

In combination with the Fibre Therapy range, her hair is feeling so much stronger.

Lana’s hair recipe

Schwarzkopf Hair Transformations - Lana - after Fibre Therapy

How to get Lana’s fresh style at home:

  1. First wash your hair with the Fibre Therapy shampoo. Lightly towel-dry your hair.
  2. Then apply the Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Toner and leave in for 10-30 minutes, depending on your hair.
  3. Rinse out the toner and apply Fibre Therapy conditioner to your hair for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Rinse your hair and after towel drying, finish with the Fibre Therapy leave-in treatment spray.

How often should you use a toner?

Toners balance the colour in your hair.

They are based on the colour wheel artists use and are such an easy way to refresh your hair and add in shine.

You choose a colour from the opposite side of the wheel:

In this case, the purple/blue tones in the Nordic Blonde Toner cancel out any yellow/orange brassiness coming through in your hair.

You can use toners every two to four weeks depending on how you like your colour to look.

But the key to styling is the Fibre Therapy range:

The leave–in treatment is something that Lana can do really quickly on wet or dry hair and it helps with strengthening her hair on the daily.

Omegaplex in your everyday hair routine

Hair Transformations with Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist range with Omegaplex & Fibre Therapy Range

Schwarzkopf Hair Transformations - Lana - before after Fibre Therapy

This unique and innovative ingredient works very differently to normal conditioning treatments.

It’s not just a conditioner…

…it’s a bond restructurer.

And when added during the colouring process, Plex helps to maintain the hair’s strength and integrity.

It can also be use to rebuild hair in your everyday care routine.

The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy range includes Omegaplex in their shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment.

So even if you don’t want to colour your hair, your hair can still feel the benefits of Omegaplex, like thicker, stronger hair.

Still plexed about plex? Learn more here.

Postpartum hair loss is real

Lana has noticed that since having a baby, she’s had some postpartum hair loss.

It’s more common than you realise, with up to 90% of mothers experiencing some sort of hair loss after pregnancy.

Luckily though, it’s only temporary.

But it can feel like it’s taking forever to get back to normal. Average recovery times are 6-12 months.

In long hair like Lana’s, this extra hair loss often means a lot of tangles and knots.

You need to treat your hair gently and use a leave-in conditioner before trying to detangle your hair. Fibre Therapy is perfect for wet or dry hair as it not only conditions but strengthens your hair from within.

I think Lana’s hair looks thicker and stronger already, and you can feel the difference in her hair.

You can find the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy range at Priceline and you can shop online here.

Hair Transformations with Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist range with Omegaplex & Fibre Therapy Range

Your own personal hair consultant

Want to know which products are right for you?

You can get personalised advice on the Schwarzkopf Advice Line by calling 1800 022 219.

They have the smartest and friendliest professional hairdressers working during the day to help answer your hair questions.

And this helpline isn’t just for emergency hair issues or problems. Call 1800 022 219 if you want to chat about the products before you begin.

They know the range inside out and can give you the best advice for your hair.

Say hi from me when you speak to them too!

Schwarzkopf Hair Transformations - Lana - after Fibre Therapy

Where to find Fibre Therapy

You can find the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy range at Priceline and you can shop it online here.

Have you been inspired to have your own hair care challenge?

Would you like to see more of this series here on hair romance, let me know in the comments below. You can leave any comments below for Lana as well.

Thank you so much Lana for being part of this great series.

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