Hair hack – How to iron clothes with your hairdryer

Hair hack – How to iron clothes with your hairdryer

If you hate ironing as much as I do, then you will love this easy hair hack to iron clothes with your hairdryer.

I think ironing would have to be one of my least favourite chores. I try and purchase clothes that don’t crease to remove the need to iron as much as possible from my life.

Also, to be honest, I have to confess that I am very lucky. My husband is incredible and irons my clothes when I need them. Only on rare occasions, I need to iron my own clothes and this weird use for your hairdryer is a great trick for at home or when you’re travelling.

I’ve made a video to show you exactly what I do.

Hair hack – How to iron clothes with your hairdryer

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What you need:

  • Hairdryer
  • Water spray bottle


You can do this while you’re wearing the clothes or lay them flat out on a bed or table.

  1. Use your water spray bottle to spritz the clothes with a light mist of water. If you don’t have a water spray bottle that’s still OK. You can just flick a little bit of water at your clothes so that they are slightly damp. This helps to soften any stubborn creases.
  2. Then holding the clothes taut, use your hairdryer to smooth down and remove any creases from your clothes.
  3. This hack is fantastic for skirts or dresses that are difficult to iron and for delicate fabrics too. As when ironing clothes (or so I’ve been told), it’s a good idea to drop the heat for silk or delicate fabrics. For cotton clothes, like the top I’m wearing in my video, you can give them a blast on any heat.

In seconds you’re ready to go.

This is just one of my favourite non-hair ways to use my hairdryer and here are 10 other ways you can use your hairdryer and 14 more weird uses for your hairdryer.

What’s your favourite alternate use for your hairdryer? And do you hate ironing as much as I do?

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