Easy Holiday Hair Tutorials

Easy Holiday Hair Tutorials

Easy Holiday Hair tutorials and your guide to great hair

The holiday season is in full swing and here’s your guide to having the best holiday hair with these easy hairstyle tutorials.

I’ve rounded up my latest favourite hairstyle tutorials below but first here’s my foolproof guide to gorgeous party hair.

Your easy guide to gorgeous holiday hair

  • Plan ahead: Work out how many events you’re going to and what the dress codes are. If it’s not mentioned, go by the time of day and weather as to what to wear and how to style your hair.
  • It’s ok to cheat: If you’ve got a lot on, book in for a professional blowdry (blowout) and make your blowdry last for days.
  • A small accessory can make a big difference: Parties can quickly become expensive with new outfits, hair and makeup but you can completely change the look of a dress with a new hairstyle and accessory.
  • Practice make perfect: Please don’t try a new style 10 minutes before you have to leave. That the recipe for hair disasters! Give a style a few goes ahead of time so you know how long it takes to do in your hair.
  • If all else fails… distract from your messy hair with a cute accessory or headband.

Holiday hair tutorials and inspiration

Beginner’s braid tutorial

This is the style pictured above and it’s so much easier to do than it looks! It’s great for medium to long hair and you only need to do a basic braid or plait.

Twisted updo ponytail tutorial

This is a gorgeous and soft style from Jenny at Confessions of a Hairstylist. I love how she “aggressively sprays” so you know this will hold up for any holiday party! You can follow her on Instagram for more beautiful updos.

Twisting DNA Braid

Sure to get compliments, this twisting braid is by Nina Starck. Her tutorial breaks it down into simple steps so it’s easy to do but it will take a bit longer than other braids so don’t rush this one. Follow Nina on Instagram for more incredible braids.

Faux braided crown

If braids aren’t your thing, then this tutorial by Hairs Affairs is for you. It gives you the look of braids but you only need hair elastics. It’s great if you have layers too. Follow Ania on Instagram for more braids inspiration.

Formal high bun

If you love to have all your hair up, this stunning bun by Missy Sue is perfect for holiday parties. It’s great for medium to long hair and she has a special trick to make your hair look thicker without extensions. Follow Missy on Instagram for more updo inspiration.

French braid updo

Another gorgeous braided updo that’s perfect for more formal parties. It’s also great if you like to have all your hair up. This is by Braids by Jordan in collaboration with the fab Cute Girls Hairstyles. Follow both Jordan on Instagram and Mindy on Instagram for amazing hair.

Short hair styles and braids

Love these looks by the gorgeous Kayley Melissa that are perfect for short to medium length hair. If you have longer hair you can still try these looks. Follow her on Instagram for more hair inspiration.

Curly hair braids tutorial

Now if you have curly hair, you can still do all of these styles. I’ve shared my tips for braiding curly hair above and there’s a tutorial too. Embrace your natural texture and wear your hair out or in a fun updo.

How are you wearing your hair these holidays?

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