Curly hair tips – How to scrunch out the crunch – SOTC

Curly hair tips – How to scrunch out the crunch – SOTC

No more crunchy curls!

If you find your curls are crunchy or crispy, then you’re missing the crucial styling step to scrunch out the crunch.

“Scrunch out the crunch” is sometimes shortened to SOTC, if you’re in any hair groups or online forums. There’s so much jargon for styling curly hair that it can be really confusing when you’re just figuring it all out.

I show this technique in my full curls routine video but I’ve had lots of questions about this part so I thought I’d do a more detailed tutorial to help.

How to scrunch out the crunch

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SOTC tips

  1. Make sure gel is the last product you use in your curly hair routine.
  2. Ensure your hair is completely dry before you scrunch out the crunch. You’ll only create more frizz if your hair is even a little bit damp.

My curly hair routine

If you want to see my full curly hair routine, check out my post on how to wash and style curly hair.

Want to learn more about your curls?

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Do you use gels with your curls? What’s your fave curly hair product?

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