Curly hair problems in the changeroom – How to try on clothes when you have curly hair

Curly hair problems in the changeroom – How to try on clothes when you have curly hair

My hair and I don’t love shopping and trying on clothes; it can become a real curly hair problem.

My hair gets caught in buttons and zips and on more than one occasion, I’ve had to be rescued from a garment by shop staff. I even ended up buying that top even though I didn’t love it because I was so embarrassed. Lesson learnt.

That’s why I love online shopping so much. It feels like your birthday every time a parcel arrives at your door and you can try on clothes in the comfort of your own home.

I was chatting on Facebook with a reader, Lesley, who was asking what to do with her curly hair in the changeroom. She wrote:

Any chance you can do a post on what to do with your curly hair when trying on clothes? I always find that my curls end up horrible after a few shirts. I’ve tried a bun during but nothing really works. Thanks!

Great question, Lesley, and I while I would urge you towards online shopping, I get that sometimes you need to shop in a hurry and try things on.

When I do have to venture into the dreaded changeroom, I use a trick that I learnt when I was shopping for my wedding dress.

The scarf trick

In wedding dress stores, they have a scarf in the changeroom. This isn’t for your protection but rather for the dress.

You wrap the scarf around your face and hair to prevent makeup transferring to the dress and to stop your hair becoming tangled.

You can use this same trick to protect your hair when shopping on the regular. Keep a scarf in your bag to wrap around your hair. This will stop your hair from catching on the clothes and becoming frizzy.

It’s also great if you get caught out on a windy or rainy day as the scarf can be tied turban-style into a chic hat.

The Shopbop Sale Event

One of my fave online stores, Shopbop, is having their massive Event of the Season Sale! I’m excited to collaborate with them as they have epic sales and super-fast international shipping.

Use the code EOTS17 to save 20% on orders under $500 and 25% on orders of $500 or more.

I bought the Karen Walker sunnies I’m wearing above from Shopbop and it’s also the best time to stock up on my fave jeans and leggings.

You can also buy my book in the Shopbop sale!

Are you more of an online shopper or do you love trying on clothes? Where’s your fave place to shop?

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