Ciao Bella! Humidity Proof Hairstyles From Italy

Ciao Bella! Humidity Proof Hairstyles From Italy
Hair Romance x Batiste collaboration

Hair Romance - Ciao bella! - Humidity proof hairstyles

Summer is definitely my favourite season, but I do struggle with humidity. It’s a good thing I like big hair because sometimes the summer weather makes my hair enormous. It doubles in size with frizz and takes a lot more effort to style.

Having skipped the Australian winter this year by spending most of the summer in Europe, I have decided that it’s now my goal to do this all the time.

It also means I’ve had back-to-back summers to work out how to style my hair and deal with humidity. I’ve got a brand new hairstyle that will work in any hair type and hide any frizzy hair, plus I have some new tips on how to deal with that humidity.

The twisted frizzy braid tutorial

Hair Romance - Ciao bella! - Humidity proof hairstyles

What you need:


  1. Start by taming your dry, frizzy hair with the Batiste Frizz Tamer Spray. This stuff is pretty magical. It can be layered in your hair, so start with a light spray and then you can build it up in the super frizzy areas. Simply smooth your hands over and finger comb any curls to get the shape back.
  2. To start the braid, take a section of hair from the top of your head and bring it over the right side. Split it into three to start a Dutch lace braid. A lace braid is where you only add in hair from one side. The trick to getting this twisting braid to work is to only add in hair from the top. This will leave enough hair below so you can keep braiding all the way down to the end.
  3. Braid across the top of your head and as you reach the other side, start to twist your braid to turn it down and back to the left side of your head. Because you’ve turned the braid, you’ve essentially flipped it over. You still add hair from above the braid, but it’ll go into what was previously the underside.
  4. Depending on how tightly you do this braid, you can do as many loops as you can fit. I’ve gone for a classic S shape, taking larger sections, as it makes the braid a little bit quicker to do.
  5. When you get to the end, continue braiding your hair on a regular braid. Depending on how long your hair is, you can twist it around your hair or tuck it under into a little bun.
  6. Once the braid is done, I like to go back and stretch out the braid so that it sits flatter against my head. It also makes the braid look thicker. You can add in some extra bobby pins along the braid to make sure it stays in place.
  7. For your final fix, a spritz of shine spray or hairspray will ensure this style looks good all day.

Can’t braid?

This braid is a bit more complicated and if Dutch braiding isn’t your thing (yet) I have a solution.

You can do two basic braids (like pigtails) at the back of your head and then pin them up at the back of your head in a twist shape. It’s a little cheat that covers up frizz if you can’t do a Dutch braid.

Humidity trick: How to not get hat hair

Hair Romance - Ciao bella! - Humidity proof hairstyles

I always recommend wearing a hat in summer, not only because I love hats, but also because it will protect your hair and your face from the sun.

The only problem is flat hat hair. But I have the trick and it’s a simple flip.

Hair Romance - Ciao bella! - Humidity proof hairstyles

Don’t put your hat on straight over your hair – flip your hair over to the opposite side that you wear it, then put your hat on.

Instead of squashing your hair down, you’re actually going to give volume to your hair. When you take your hat off, flip your hair back over to your normal side and your hair will look as fresh as when you put the hat on, no flat hat hair in sight!

It’s my summer hair saviour.

Summer braids to beat the humidity

Hair Romance - Ciao bella! - Humidity proof hairstyles

My long haul hairstyles are also great for hot summer days. I wore the Dutch side braid quite a few times on my trip. It’s a great style that keeps your hair up off your neck and it’s easy to wear under a hat as well.

How to deal with frizz

I leave you with three travel tips that I use to banish the frizz when I’m travelling.

Hair Romance - Ciao bella! - Humidity proof hairstyles

1. Dry hair frizzes more

Make sure that you’re using a really good conditioner. I also take a hair mask to give my hair an extra treat when I’m travelling in hot weather.

2. Create a barrier to humidity

When styling dry hair, Batiste Frizz Tamer is my secret weapon. It adds a little bit of shine and tames all those flyaways and I love that it works in curly or straight hair. This anti-humidity spray protects your hair too.

3. Pack a silk scarf

Not only is a scarf a fun accessory to wear in your hair, but it can become a silk pillowcase too; I tie it around my hotel pillow. This way I make sure that I look after my hair even when I’m sleeping. Remember friction = frizz, so give your hair a smooth place to lie down at the end of the day.

Hair Romance - Ciao bella! - Humidity proof hairstyles

Hair Romance - Ciao bella! - Humidity proof hairstyles

I am so excited that it’s started to warm up again here in Sydney. I‘m so ready for another summer and I won’t fear the frizz this time.

What’s your favourite season? And how do you deal with frizz in summer?

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