Best Black Friday sales and what I’m buying

Best Black Friday sales and what I’m buying

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It’s coming up to my favourite time of the year! On one hand I’m kind of freaking out that it’s almost December and on the other, I’m so excited as it’s my birthday and Christmas.

At the start of the year I Kondo’d my home and to my surprise, I’ve stuck with it. I’ve stopped buying as much and have kept things pretty tidy. That is, except for my office. Beauty is where I tend to go crazy and love trying new products. I’m also lucky to be sent a lot to test and with my own purchases, it gets out of hand quickly.

But in the lead up to the best time of the year, retailers go crazy and offer some pretty good sales. I try to take advantage to get all my gift buying done early and buy any basics at a great saving. I may also add in a few little gifts for me too…

Hair Romance Sales Guide & what I’m buying

Shopbop – Use code GOBIG16 to get up to 25% and this includes sale items too. I’ll be stocking up on my fave jeans and I love these cards plus they have some cute gifts too.

Priceline – 50% off haircaire today! Hurry for this one and I’m getting more gel and this hair treatment is amazing. I will be stocking up big time on everything today!

Sephora – 20% off on Friday 25th – My wishlist is looooong but I’m definitely getting more of this treatment and this texture spray. I recommend making a list now too as I’m pretty sure their site will be slow on the day.

Ulta – Oh how I miss Ulta! My lovely US readers need to take advantage of these crazy bargains.

Do you take advantage of the sales? Have you finished Christmas shopping already? Brag about it in the comments 😉

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