Behind the hair – my biz and blogging secrets

Behind the hair – my biz and blogging secrets

I have a special talent. A party trick if you like: I can turn any conversation around to hair. But my second favourite thing to talk about is blogging.

Finding my passion through blogging, and starting a business, totally changed my life. I’ve made incredible friends and it has opened up opportunities that I never thought would be possible. I’ve been working for myself for over five years now and at the start of this year, my husband also joined the business full time.

I get asked a lot of questions about how to start a blog, how to start a business and how to write a bestselling book.

You might remember that I started running events with Carly from Smaggle and we toured Australia with our interactive workshops and speaking at conferences. Trying to coordinate our schedules became too difficult and we couldn’t make it work on a regular basis.

But that’s where Blog Squad comes in…

Over a year ago, I partnered with one of my mentors and good friend, Kate McKibbin, who is the amazing nerd boss behind Secret Bloggers’ Business. Kate is one of the smartest people I know and she has created the Blog Squad family, which is my fave place to hang out online.

I joined Blog Squad as a mentor and have been able to talk about blogging and online business to my heart’s content there.

What is Blog Squad?

Working online can be lonely and overwhelming, and Blog Squad is your biz family that understands.

It’s more than a community, though that’s a big part of it. It’s a training hub full of current, expert advice from mentors who are working in this space (and not just teaching it). There are regular Q&As and specific training sessions to mentor you and grow your business.

Whether it’s social media, website design, product development or any aspect of online business – there’s an expert mentor to help you – including me!

Each week there is a live training and Q&A session and tomorrow it’s my turn. While I was planning my workshop, it occurred to me that I hadn’t ever told you about my role in Blog Squad.

If you run a business or blog, you’re just in time to jump in and join me on tomorrow’s training. I’d love to welcome you into the Blog Squad family. Kate only opens up membership to this special group once a year and it closes on Thursday.

Click here to find out more and join now.

See you there! xx

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