7-Day Holiday Hair-Drobe

7-Day Holiday Hair-Drobe
Hair Romance x Batiste collaboration

Take a peek inside my travel wardrobe, or should I say ‘hair-drobe’, to see a week of my real-life holiday hairstyles and a look inside my holiday beauty bag.

When I’m not travelling, I’m thinking about travelling. It’s one of my passions. I’m still trying to master the art of packing light and I always have so many beauty products with me. But one thing I know is that your hair is your best accessory. A hairstyle can completely change your look and it’s a key part of your wardrobe.

On this trip, I explored the south-eastern Italian region of Puglia and attended a photography workshop with the incredible Carla Coulson. Although I’m half-Italian, I’ve never travelled this far south before and I think I’ve found my new favourite part of Italy. The landscape is so beautiful, the people are so friendly and I’m already planning a return trip next year.

I knew this would be a busy week with the workshop, but I loved every minute of it. We spent part of our day in class and the rest of the day out on different photography excursions. With such a big itinerary, I wore a range of hairstyles depending on what was happening.

Day one

I washed my hair in the morning, but I didn’t want to blowdry it. Therefore, it was braids to the rescue.

I created two Dutch braids – and you can see how I did it in this tutorial here. My hair can frizz a little bit as it dries, so I use a light spray of hairspray as a barrier to the humidity.

This style was chosen with Day 2 in mind because these braids dry into great waves…

Day two

Time to let those braids out and show the great waves underneath!

All I needed to do was use some dry shampoo at the roots and give my hair a shake and this style was good to go.

Day three

I still had some great volume in my waves but the day was going to be hot, so I decided to put all my hair up into a braid.

I freshened my hair with a quick spritz of dry shampoo and then created this Dutch ring braid, which is finished as a bun at my neck.

This was the perfect style for a hot day, keeping all my hair up off my face, though I do like to leave a few layers out just to soften the style.

Day four

Time to wash my hair – and I decided to let it air-dry into my natural curls.

Being the first time in a new place, I wasn’t really sure how my hair would go with the water, and it turned a little wavier than normal. I was still pretty happy with the curls and so I wore my hair out all day.

It’s amazing the difference water from a new location can make on your hair. Bear this in mind when you’re washing your hair on holiday.

Day five

Working my 2nd day curls into this easy half-up hairstyle. All I did was loosely twist the top half of my hair into a top knot and pinned it in place with bobby pins.

This shot was taken at the end of the day, so it’s not looking as tidy as it did in the morning, but it lasted pretty well. No oily roots thanks once again to my Batiste dry shampoo.

Day six

Another scorcher so my hair was back up again. This time in what I’d like to call the bun-hawk. I created a series of buns on the back of my head and pinned them in place with bobby pins.

This isn’t an easy style to wear under a hat unfortunately, but I do love the side profile. Love getting another day out of my curls too.

Day seven

Time to wash my hair again, so I went for another braid.

My high crown braid has been one of my all time favourite hairstyles and you can find the tutorial here.

This braid lasted through a hot summer’s day and through to dinner out with my new friends from the workshop.

What’s in my travel beauty bag

I promised you peek inside my beauty bag, so here are my must-haves. The standout products are surely my mini Batiste dry shampoo and hairspray. I love that they are small enough to take in my carry-on luggage – they’re under 100ml. I couldn’t stand to lose them and I can freshen my hair when I’m on the go.

Tell me how do you like to wear your hair on holidays? And what’s your favourite destination of all?

PS. A shout-out to the awesome Loc Boyle for helping me shoot my hair photos while I was away. Follow him on Instagram!

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