5 simple things you must do after a haircut to rock your new look

5 simple things you must do after a haircut to rock your new look

Hair Romance - 5 things you must do after a haircut

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I love that amazing feeling of walking out of the salon with fabulous hair. But let’s be honest, it doesn’t happen like that every time. When you find a great hairdresser, your strike rate is pretty high, but with someone new – or if you’re trying a new style, it can feel a little weird.

I once walked out of the hairdresser so completely shocked – I had absolutely no idea what to do with my hair afterwards. I was 18 years old and on my first solo overseas adventure. I was in London and I thought that I’d spend some of my hard-earned money on an expensive haircut.

I walked into a well-known designer chain salon with big prices thinking expensive had to be better, right? Well not in this case.

It started going wrong from the beginning. I got lost trying to find the salon, so I was five minutes late and the hairdresser was furious at me. Well I think he was, he hardly spoke to me and I think that was the problem too. I was completely intimidated in that salon and I didn’t speak up for myself either.

I watched him work – he was twisting different sections of hair and chopping bits off at different directions and it looked pretty fancy but I had no idea – and as it turns out neither did he!

Then all of a sudden he just stopped and roughly dried my hair. I thought, Is that it? Is that really what my hair looks like?

There was that weird moment of shock when you’re looking at the mirror and you know it’s you looking back, but you can’t quite recognise yourself and you don’t know what to say. I’m not very good with confrontation, so I just followed him to the cash register, paid and walked out. It was really weird.

I was away from home, on the other side of the world, and I’d spent a ridiculous amount of money on a nightmare haircut and I thought I looked terrible.

The first thing I did was walk around the corner and find a clothing store. I walked in, grabbed a top and went straight to the change room so I could play with my hair. I think he’d even parted it on the wrong side – it just wasn’t sitting right. Of course I couldn’t change the cut but at least I could fix the styling a little bit. I came out of the change room feeling a little bit better.

Hair Romance - 5 things you must do after a haircut

I think there’s something in the saying that you know your hair best because you have to wear it every day.

It doesn’t matter how much you pay for your haircut, the consultation you have with your hairdresser beforehand is the most important part. You need to tell them exactly what you like about your hair and how it behaves. That way, the hairdresser can use their skill will help shape it into something that you’ll love wearing every day.

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Now if you are just home from the salon or about to get a new look, here are my 5 tips on what to do after you get a haircut.

Hair Romance - 5 things you must do after a haircut

1. Watch how your hairdresser styles your hair

While you’re in the chair in the salon, ask your hairdresser lots of questions. Ask them which products they’re using and why, and then what order they’re using them as well.

If you’re already at home it’s still okay to give the salon a quick call and ask them for some more advice over the phone. They want to make sure you’re wearing your hair the best you can, as you’re a walking advertisement for their work.

Hair Romance - 5 things you must do after a haircut

2. Play around

Now you’re back at home, it’s time to start playing with your new haircut. You’ve seen how your hairdresser styled it, but you know your hair best. Play around and try a few different looks.

Try parting your hair in different places – a middle part will give you a completely different look to a deep side part. Keep playing until you find a way that you like your hair to sit. Take a couple of selfies so you can remember your new style.

Hair Romance - 5 things you must do after a haircut

3. Get your products in order

What worked for your last haircut may not work for this new style. It’s a good idea to check through your hair products. You might discover some long-lost products at the back of your cabinet and find a way to use them better. It can take a couple of days to test out products in your new haircut, so have fun with it and try some new looks.

Hair Romance - 5 things you must do after a haircut

4. Test out a new tutorial

While you’re playing with all these hair products, you might as well try a new hair tutorial as well. Find a way to best show off your new hairstyle with something simple like a twist or adding in a braid.

Hair Romance - 5 things you must do after a haircut

5. Take notes

It can take a few days to go through these tips, testing new products and styles, so I really recommend taking notes. Just pop them in your phone or even on a calendar so that way when you have a really good hair day, you’ll know exactly how you did it and you’ll be able to replicate it again and again.

Hair Romance - 5 things you must do after a haircut

Whether you’ve had a bit of a hair disaster like I have in the past or you just want to make the most of your new hair cut, these tips will help you own your new look and get your hair looking its best every day.

One last reminder – if you haven’t found out your hair horoscope yet, click here now. It’s a fun way to predict your hair future and bring a little more hair happiness into your everyday.

Have you ever had a ‘hair-tastrophy’? Feel free to vent in the comments, and maybe we can work out a way to restyle it together.

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