5 quick and easy curly hairstyles to beat the humidity

5 quick and easy curly hairstyles to beat the humidity

When the humidity hits, these 5 quick and easy curly hairstyles will have you covered. You can confidently do your hair in minutes and get back to dealing with the rest of your day.

I’ve learnt how to control frizz in my curly hair but sometimes the weather just isn’t on your side.

The humidity has hit peak levels lately and my normal styling efforts are being pushed to their limits. On regular days I could wear my hair out but not in this weather.

I’ve been styling my hair wet and wearing braids constantly. I also have some super quick and easy curly hairstyles that only take a few minutes to do. These styles are perfect for when you thought you could wear your hair out but decide halfway through the day that you need an updo.

These curly hairstyles are also the ideal cover for hair that really should have been washed but you just couldn’t face it. (Tell me I’m not the only one who needs to psych themselves up to wash their hair? The struggle is real!)

Next time the humidity hits record levels, choose one of these curly hairstyles and you can ride out the day in style saying, “what humidity?” and feel smug knowing that your hair is under control.

5 quick and easy curly hairstyles to beat the humidity

The curly bun

This statement bun says I don’t care what the weather forecast is – I can handle it. Perfect for long hair, check out my curly hair bun tutorial to see my tricks for styling this in fine hair.

The 2 minute updo

This looks complicated but set your timer and you’ll see you can do this curly hairstyle in under two minutes. Don’t believe me? Try the 2 min curly updo tutorial here. You’ll make everyone think you went to so much effort when really you hit snooze on your alarm about 6 times.

The braid bun

Leave a few curls out to show that you really don’t care about the humidity but be so grateful to have all your hair off your neck. This is one of those tutorials to keep in your hair-drobe for when you change your mind. You start out thinking you can wear your hair out but realise you’ve made a mistake. This braided bun tutorial will rescue your hair and keep it out of the way. No-one will know this was your second choice hairstyle.

The curly twist

Another style that looks way more complicated than you think. This quick and easy curly twist hairstyle tutorial is a lifesaver on humid days. A little frizz makes this style look even better so you don’t have to think about it all day long. It’s held with 3 elastics as well as a couple of bobby pins so you know it’s not going to budge. You can relax knowing your hair will look the same when you get home as when you styled it first thing in the morning.

The braided top knot

This braided top knot tutorial is one of my go-to styles. It’s pretty popular as it was shared so many times on Pinterest that it was included in Pinterest’s hair trends for the year. I don’t believe in trends, but I know I will be wearing this hairstyle in my curls every summer. It’s a classic that has enough detail to make it look like you went to a lot of effort, but really it’s so quick to do.

So these are my favourite hairstyles to wear when the humidity soars, I’d love to know how do you cope in humidity? Have you got any tricks to beat the frizz?

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