27 of the best fishtail braid tutorial videos

27 of the best fishtail braid tutorial videos

I’ve rounded up the best fishtail braid tutorial videos to save you time searching for your next hairstyle.

Fishtail braids seem more complicated than other braids but they’re really great for beginners. When I teach my braiding classes, after basic braids (plaits) then I move on to fishtails.

With regular braids you’re working with three sections but with fishtail braids you only have two sections. It’s already 1/3 easier!

If you’ve ever doubted that you can braid, give a fishtail braid a try. It’s not as tricky as it looks.

And if you want to really learn how to braid your hair in minutes, you need this book.

Now in no particular order, here are 27 of the best fishtail braid tutorial videos to show you how many ways you can wear this gorgeous braid.

27 of the best fishtail braid tutorial videos

Side fishtail braid tutorial


My half-up fishtail braid (with my elastic trick!)

Everyday fishtail braid

Four basic fishtail braid tutorials

Textured fishtail braid tutorial

Stunning side fishtail braid

Bubble fishtail braid tutorial – without bands

Bubble fishtail braid – with bands

Boho fishtail braid tutorial

How to do a French fishtail braid

French fishtail braid with a messy bun tutorial

French fishtail braid in medium length hair

French fishtail space buns tutorial

Fishtail Milkmaid braids

Woven fishtail braid tutorial

Fishtail flower braid tutorial

Twisted fishtail braid tutorial for long hair

Lace fishtail elastic braid tutorial

Fishtail mermaid braid tutorial

Twisted edge fishtail braid tutorial

Dutch fishtail mohawk braid tutorial

Dutch fishtail braid chignon tutorial

Fishtail updo braid tutorial

Mermaid fishtail braid tutorial

Floating fishtail mermaid braid tutorial

DNA braid – twisting fishtail braid tutorial

And if you still can’t braid, then this tutorial is for you!

Faux fishtail braid tutorial


Think you can do a fishtail braid now? Which was your favourite tutorial?

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