Quick and easy updo for curly hair

Quick and easy updo for curly hair

Here’s a quick and simple up do you can do on a naturally curly hair and it only takes a few minutes to do. This easy hairstyle is one that you could wear to work or you could even dress it up with an accessory for night.

I started filming this hairstyle tutorial as Jim and I were about to head out for a work event. I’m not known for my excellent timekeeping and he doesn’t like to be late. Jim carefully asked if I had enough time to film so of course I snapped back “Yes I do!” Knowing full well that I had enough time only for a single take.

So let me know how I went for one take and if you would like to see this hairstyle in any more detail, please let me know and I can go live on Facebook with a demo and to answer your hair questions.

Quick updo for naturally curly hair video tutorial

Click here if you can’t see the video above.

Styling tips

Add a little braid detail

For this style I used a basic braid / plait to add interest at the side. These simpler styles are much easier to do in curly hair because you don’t have to pull or untangle your hair to add into a braid.

You can see I even got a little bit tangled to begin with, but by adding a little braid on the side it just makes the style a little bit more intentional and adds a pretty detail.

Style the bun your way

It was around about this point that Jim shouted that we had a few minutes to leave so I started to hurry up and panicked a little bit. Not sure if you can tell that the bun is a little lopsided? I filmed the ending and grabbed another bobby pin to fix it as we were running out the door.

I really like this rolled look, it creates a kind of bagel-shaped bun. If you’ve got longer or shorter hair, you can just twist it around into a regular bun or whatever works for you.

Add an accessory

Hair pins are so on trend right now and I do love these clips for adding a little bit of detail, particularly as my hair is so bright at the moment. I think they add a little more intention and a bit of chicness to the style.

If someone tries to tell you a messy bun isn’t work-appropriate just put a pretty clip in it and they’ll never comment. I’m loving the range at ASOS at the moment.

I hope you like this tutorial and that you give it a go in your hair. As always I love to see photos of your hair and you can ask me any questions over on Instagram @hairromance and use #hairromance so that I can see your photos as well.

Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see next and if you have any tutorial requests.

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