My easy messy bun tutorial

My easy messy bun tutorial

Trying to work out how to the do the perfect messy bun? Here are my tips for how to get that perfect “Instagram-ready” messy bun or even better, how to do a quick hairstyle in just a few seconds that you really like.

Bonus is that it works in all hair types – the messier and dirtier, the better.

When I was at school, there was an older girl who had the most perfect messy bun. I would see her every day on the bus and I wished that my frizzy hair could do the same.

I would go home and sit in my bedroom and try to copy her hairstyle. I’d test so many different ways but I could never get it look as cool as hers. Her styles always seemed so effortless.

Once I even saw her do her signature messy bun on the school bus and I still couldn’t figure it out.

So this messy bun tutorial is as much for my younger self as anyone out there who wishes they could wear an effortless hairstyle.

Messy bun video tutorial

Click here if you can’t see video above.

My signature messy bun hairstyle

You would have seen this messy bun hairstyle in a lot of my Q&A videos and if we ever run into each other on the street, I’ll probably be wearing the same hairstyle.

I love braids but there’s something so simple about the messy bun in curly hair. It takes no time to do and that’s why I wear it so often.

My tip for the perfect hair line

First off, don’t think you need to have a perfect hairline. There’s no such thing.

We get so many messages about what’s wrong with our bodies and we don’t need to add our hairline to that list. It’s perfect just as it is.

If you’re like me and have experienced some hair loss or feel self conscious about wearing your hair back off your face, this tip is for you and I hope it makes you feel more comfortable.

Make-up to match your hair

To create the look of thicker hair and to create a more even hairline, choose a matte eye shadow that matches your hair colour and use a brush to fill in any gaps.

There are specific hair powders just for your hairline, for example Wow Hair root concealer. This is an excellent product because it’s water resistant and sweat-proof so only comes out when you wash your hair.

You can find Color Wow here, here or on Amazon here.

But if you have an unusual hair colour or you want to do something right now, go to your make-up stash and find a matte eye shadow that is a very close match to your hair colour. Tap it into your hairline with a brush and set it with a little hairspray and you’re good to go.

I also love using this hairline touch-up trick for braids and any hairstyles that have a strong part line just to help give a little more thickness to the hair.

Hair Elastics

In this video I used Invisibobble hair elastics. I’ve shared some tips on how to reshape your invisibobbles here and I think I need to watch it again myself, mine are pretty stretched out!

You can find invisibobbles online here, here and here in Australia.

I’d love to know if you have perfected your perfect messy bun and if you like seeing simpler hair tutorials like this. Let me know in the comments below.

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