How to wear a headband without feeling like Alice in Wonderland

How to wear a headband without feeling like Alice in Wonderland

Hair accessories instantly dress up any style and make it look cooler and more stylish. While hair clips are popular at the moment, don’t overlook the simple headband.

Headbands can add an element of sophistication to a style that may look a little plain on its own or that you want to make a little more grown up. They also hold the style easily and can work into an over-all outfit well too.

What I’m wearing

Headband: Morgan and Taylor – they always have a gorgeous range of on-trend hair accessories and hats

Dress: Little Party Dress – my new fave independent dress shop run by a very cool chick.

Sunglasses: Tom Ford from VisionDirect – great value glasses and sunglasses, and check out their new range of frames made from recycled fishing nets

How to wear a headband without feeling like Alice in Wonderland

Headbands can be added to almost any hairstyle, but you don’t want your style to feel silly or twee. Here are some tips for how to make headbands work and have them look even better in your hair.

Leave some hair in front of the band

While I head band can hold your hair, it’s cooler if you have some pieces of hair out to frame your face.

Add a headband as a final touch

Style your hair and then add the headband as the last thing. With curls, a headband can accentuate the style and control sections that feel a bit wayward. In straighter hair, it can give the style more shape, texture and body.

Integrate the headband into your style

Although you can add the headband as a final touch, you can also braid over it or around it to create an integrated style. This makes the headband feel more purposeful and part of the style you’re going for.

Play with textures

Choose a velvet or textured fabric to add more interest to straight hair, and in curly hair satin and silk headbands add shine. Look for fabrics that work with your outfit. However, you don’t have to have a matching headband.

Pattern Clash

Don’t be afraid to clash patterns with your hair accessories. We can keep it simple like mine in black velvet or go crazy with different prints and patterns. Depending on the look you’re going for, a headband with a conflicting colour, pattern or texture can really liven up an outfit.

How do you feel about the new trends for hair accessories? How do you wear your headband?

PS. Wondering how to get these waves? Check out my tutorial below.

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