How To Get Volume In Curly Hair Using Clips

How To Get Volume In Curly Hair Using Clips

Volume in Curly hair

How to get volume in curly hair is a never-ending struggle for many of us.

You can create volume with products but the most effective products can’t be used when you follow the ‘Curly Girl’ routine. But there is a product-free way to get extra volume in curly hair and that’s using clips when you wash your hair.

My latest video is all about how to get volume in curly hair using clips. It’s also a kind of apology to curl clips from me as well.

You see, I recently filmed my current curly hair routine video and I realised that I don’t use clips in my routine any more. In that video, I didn’t use them very well and I made it seem like they weren’t necessary. However they do work really well when you use them properly.

Personally I love using hair volume powders but they’re not permissible in the ‘Curly Girl’ routine and so if you’re strict CG, this curl clip tip might be the answer for you.

How to get volume in curly hair using clips

Click here if you can’t see the video above.

Which clips work in curly hair?

Flat pin curl clips

I recommend using traditional pin curl clips for this step.

There are specialist clip available such as Devacurl clips but the classic hairdressing pin curl clips work just as well and for a lot less. I bought this bulk pack of pins years ago at a hairdressing supply store and you can also find them online here and here.

If you are in Australia, Sydney Salon Supplies also sells flat curl clips here.

wavy hair and curly hair with volume

Clipping your roots when you’re drying your hair really does create more volume but if you’re always short on time (like me!) volume powders are the key to creating volume in flat roots.

Have you tried clipping the roots of your curly hair? Let me know your tips for getting more volume in curly hair.

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