How to Get a Gel Cast in Curly Hair

How to Get a Gel Cast in Curly Hair

Gel cast in curly hair - Hair Romance

A gel cast is the secret to frizz free curls. It’s a weird styling step and I’ll explain the process in more detail.

This is #5 of my Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series and I can’t believe I’m 5/5. As you (hopefully) have better expectations of myself but I know in the past that editing videos is a really difficult task for me. It’s why I’m pretty proud of myself for getting this far. Only 25 days to go, or if you’d like to see this series continue please let me know in the comments below.

Today’s question is again for curly hair and Anna on YouTube asked:

“What’s the best way to do a good gel cast?”

Gels can be a confusing product. I hated them for the long time because I though they gave you crispy curls. That’s because I was missing the crucial second step which is to scrunch out the scrunch. Sometimes shortened to ‘SOTC’ when you’re looking at curly hair forums. Here are my tips on how to scrunch out the scrunch and in today’s video, I go through to how to create the gel cast in the first place.

How to get a gel cast – Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series

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Tips for a good gel cast:

  • You need to actually smooth down over your curls to make sure that they are completely coated.
  • Mix the gel in your palms before applying it down your curls.
  • Make sure your curls are really hydrated before applying the gel. If you can see a lot of loose hair and frizz, your hair is already too dry and the gel won’t work as well.
  • To check if your gel is going to react to your other hair products, place a little bit of curl cream or conditioner and gel in the palm of your hand. When you mix them, if they ball up don’t use them together.

Here are some gels that I’ve used and recommend:

I hope these help you style frizz free curls, or rather, less frizzy curls. Because I have to say I do love a bit of frizz and I think there’s nothing wrong with it. Frizz adds volume softness to your hairstyle.

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