3 fast and easy everyday hairstyles

3 fast and easy everyday hairstyles

Today’s video tutorial features three fast and easy hairstyles you can do in any hair type. They’re simple ways to put up your hair (without featuring any braids) and they’re perfect for work or school or anytime you want to put your hair up.

I’m adding a few accessories to these hairstyles just to show you how a simple bun could look more intentional by adding in a pin or a clip. The accent of a little hair accessory can make all the difference in your everyday hairstyles.

Three fast and easy everyday hairstyles with no braids

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Style one – The Low Bun

Styling tips:

  • I like to leave a few layers out at the front just to soften this bun hairstyle, but if you prefer you can add all your hair back included all in this style. I want you to customise it to best suit your hair
  • I’ve used some long hair slides to secure this bun, but you can just use regular bobby pins or any hair accessory that you’d like to feature. If you’re not sure if your accessory will actually hold your hair up, use some bobby pins to secure this style first.
  • Splitting your bun up into two can make your hair look thicker as well. If you have fine hair you back comb the ponytail a little bit before twisting it around into a bun.

Style two – The Round Bun

Styling tips:

  • Hair spray is the most useful styling product when creating updos. You can use it to tame frizz and hold your hair in place.
  • Position your hair accessories on either side of the bun. This way you’ll see them from any angle and they’ll add a little bit of extra detail.
  • Laying your hair flat and curving it around into a bun will make a wider bun that looks a little thicker as well.

Style three – The Double Bun

Styling tips:

  • Halfway through this look, the double ponytail you create can also be a style on its own. Experiment with this for a new kind of ponytail too.

  • When making the first ponytail, keep as much volume in your hair as you like. You can go really high or keep it smooth and sleek.
  • For extra volume, backcomb your ponytails before twisting into a bun and you can create a kind of faux-hawk style as well.

I’d love to know which is your favourite style and which one you’ll try in your hair. I absolutely love seeing your hair photos so you can email me or tag me @hairromance as it makes my day to see your pics.

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